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A New Age of Exploration, Powered by Math

The Huffington Post – Dan Rockmore

“Summer is here and all over the world, people take the roads, airways, exploring the world around them. But our travels aren’t just limited to terrestrial destinations this year. New Horizons is sending us postcards from Pluto and we’ve just received news of the discovery of an “Earth twin”…I love the audacity of the goals and the grandeur of the vision — we’re exploring the Universe! But what I also love about these achievements is that they celebrate the power of mathematics…And mathematics doesn’t just help us explore the physical world. Mathematical engines power our exploration of the Internet via search engines, it maps the human body via medical imaging, and uncovers the structure of societies via network analysis…the exploration of ideas, be they mathematical or otherwise, takes us to all kinds of surprising and wondrous places.”(more)

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