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A New Exhibition Explores the Science and Math in Children’s Book Illustrations

The Smithsonian – Marissa Fessenden

“Think back to a favorite picture book, the one where the edges of the cover grew worn and a few pages loosened from the binding after so many readings. Perhaps it was the unfolding story that enthralled a young you, perhaps the luminous illustrations. Most likely it was the view the book offered into a different world. “Picture books are some of the first memories I have for looking at and understanding the world around me,” says J.D. Talasek, the director of the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences. But one doesn’t have to be a child to find delight and wonder in images from children’s books. That’s the premise behind a new exhibition, “Igniting the Imagination,” which opened this week at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in Washington D.C.”(more)

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