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A state fitness test suggests L.A. students have some more exercising to do

The Los Angeles Times – Joy Resmovits

“L.A. Unified students at two of three tested grade levels performed a tad less well on the California Physical Fitness test last year than they did the year before. And overall, fewer than one-third of the tested students passed each fitness area assessed. Just under one-fifth — 19.1% — of Los Angeles Unified fifth-graders performed in “the Healthy Fitness Zone” in all six areas tested: aerobic capacity, body composition, abdominal strength, trunk extensor strength, upper body strength and flexibility. Last year, 20.1% of fifth-graders passed the six subjects. Seventh-graders did a little better (22.3%) and ninth-graders a little better still (26.8%), though they were down from 28.3% last year.”(more)

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