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Advancing Career Pathways for Kids

The Huffington Post – Chris Minnich

“Two-thirds of adults do not think students are ready for the world of work once they graduate from high school. That’s according to a recent poll in Virginia. Yet according to the same poll, about the same percentage of people – 64 percent – think students are ready for college when they graduate. I suspect that these results, from a statewide survey conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, are similar to what you might hear in your state. In fact, you might hear something similar if you surveyed the nation’s educators and state school chiefs. For several years, our states have taken the lead in transforming K-12 education to ensure every child graduates from high school prepared for college and careers. We are making progress, raising expectations for all kids and transitioning to new tests to measure students against these expectations. Yet, we cannot lose sight of how important career readiness is for all kids – whether or not a student plans to go to a four-year college.”(more)

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