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Advice from Fed chair Janet Yellen: Get a college degree

The Christian Science Monitor – Christina Beck

“On Monday, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen gave a class of new University of Baltimore graduates some good news – their newly minted degrees are more valuable than ever before. The bad news? Workers without college degrees are likely to struggle in the coming years. Dr. Yellen told students at the commencement ceremony that globalization is skewing the future economy of the United States in favor of college-educated workers. “Like technological change, globalization has reinforced the shift away from lower-skilled jobs that require less education to higher-skilled jobs that require college and advanced degrees,” she said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “The jobs that globalization creates in the United States, serving a global economy of billions of people, are more likely to be filled by those who, like you, have secured the advantage of higher education.” In her speech, Yellen said that graduates were entering one of the strongest job markets that the United States has seen in a long time – at least for college grads.”(more)

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