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Arts Integration in the Classroom Isn’t Just Benefiting Students, But Teachers As Well

Education World – Joel Stice

“Poetry and science might seem like two things that don’t go together, but an innovative teaching method is merging the two and having great success. Teachers in schools across the country are finding that integrating the arts into their lesson plans is having a positive impact not only on students, but themselves as well. Wendy Strauch-Nelson is an art education professor at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the co-founder of ArtsCore, a program that helps teachers implement the arts into their lessons. Strauch-Nelson said it’s common at first for teachers to feel they need to be creatives to use arts in teaching, but that isn’t the case. It’s simply about finding small ways to take creative hobbies that kids love and adapt them to material typically taught through textbooks.”(more)

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