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At five-year mark, is Common Core delivering on promise of improved academics?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Maureen Downey

“The debate over Common Core State Standards has subsided in Georgia, which rebuffed efforts to jettison the nationally developed framework for what students ought to know in math and English. Despite former Gov. Sonny Perdue’s critical role in creating Common Core, Georgia takes care to refer to its standards as the Georgia Performance Standards. (We’re not alone; 25 of the 43 states following Common Core call their standards something else to mollify opponents.) While a few states claim to have revised or be in the midst of revising Common Core, most of the changes are minor. The standards – or education policy in general, for that matter — haven’t surfaced in the presidential race in any real depth. In a speech a few days ago in New Hampshire, Donald Trump said, “Common Core will be ended, and disadvantaged children will be allowed to attend the school of their choice.” He didn’t elaborate on how either would occur.”(more)

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