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Betheny Gross: Starting With the ‘Why’ in Personalized Learning

The 74 Million – Betheny Gross

“In the spring of 2016, on our first visit to 35 schools committed to personalized learning, teachers often told us they weren’t sure what they were supposed to be doing to personalize learning. Revisiting the same schools last fall, we realized a more fundamental issue was at play: Many teachers didn’t seem entirely sure why they were personalizing learning in the first place. The teachers we interviewed certainly had clear goals for their students: to be ready for college and career, to be lifelong learners and successful adults. And most described the specific objectives for knowledge, skills, and attitudes their students would need to reach these goals. But only rarely could teachers tell us how the activities they do to personalize learning would deliver on these objectives. The problem is, without starting with that end in mind, it’s nearly impossible to build a coherent personalized learning approach.”(more)

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