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Betheny Gross — The Key to Effective Personalized Learning: Rigorous Content, Standards, and Experiences

The 74 Million – Betheny Gross

“My colleague and I recently visited a middle school science classroom. Students, outfitted with safety glasses, were organized into groups of three to four. The room was lively but not disorderly as each group worked on its own experiment. As we walked the perimeter of the room, we saw many of the hallmarks of a personalized learning classroom: Small groups worked independently; each worked on an activity that they had chosen; the teacher engaged with small groups of students. But when I asked a group of students about their project, I learned that their task was to mimic the rising and setting of the sun using a light bulb and a tray of sand. They were asked to compare the temperature of the tray of sand with the light bulb turned on or off and consider the implications for the surface temperature of the earth. These students knew exactly how this experiment would pan out before they even started.”(more)

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