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Beyond the Scantron: Harvard Expert Andrew Ho on the 3 Ws of Testing and How to Figure Out What Students Have Lost Academically to COVID-19

The 74 Million – Anne Wicks and William McKenzie

“Andrew Ho is the Charles William Eliot Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A psychometrician, Ho serves on the National Assessment Governing Board, which determines policy for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. His expertise in constructing and explaining high-quality assessments has led him to serve as an advisor to state education commissioners in states like Texas, Massachusetts, and New York. Ho also has taught creative writing in his native Hawaii and AP physics in California. The testing expert spoke with us about the standards that guide the construction of standardized tests. He delineated the differences between diagnostic, summative, and formative exams, while emphasizing the purpose of a test. And he offered his suggestions on how schools can best determine what their students might have lost academically because of the COVID-19 pandemic.” (more)

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