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Skills your child needs to know before kindergarten

The Montgomery Herald – Staff Writer “Kindergarten is supposed to be fun and educational, and allow children an opportunity to blossom because it is usually the first time the tykes are away from their parents for any significant amount of time. And while most kindergartens don’t exactly have GPA requirements, for a child to succeed there are a few milestones that should be reached before they toddle through the door, says Alise McGregor…”... read more

Your child is nervous about the new school year, which may be normal — or not

SC Now – Jill U. Adams “Back-to-school season is upon us, and while some kids look forward to returning to class, others are a bundle of nerves. Parents may reassure and soothe, but they may also worry: Does my anxious child have a real problem? “Anxiety is a normal, healthy human emotion,” says John Walkup, a psychiatrist at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. That’s because there are plenty of things in our lives, and our children’s lives, to worry about, and worry can activate an appropriate response. A middle school student worried about an upcoming test should be motivated to study. A first-grader worried about a bee on the playground will move away to avoid being stung. But what about a third-grader who’s worried that something terrible will happen to her parents while she’s at school? That’s a worry that’s hard to quell and may leave the child in no state to learn the new math lesson.”... read more

10 things parents can do to help their child start the school year strong

WRAL – Sarah Lindenfeld Hall “Summer break is nearly over (gasp!) for most kids in the Triangle. The National Summer Learning Association and Learning Heroes recently shared this list of 10 things parents can do to help their child start the school year strong. There’s still time to brush up on those skills and gear up for a new school year!”... read more

How Questions Help Students Learn

Edutopia – Youki Terada “Despite its popularity, memorizing information is one of the least effective learning strategies. While it may seem efficient, students are more likely to forget memorized material if they don’t reinforce their learning with other strategies, and a new study looks at how incorporating guesswork into a lesson can significantly boost students’ ability to recall information.”... read more

Give your child a head start with math

Medical X-Press – Len Canter “Many kids struggle with math—and for a number of reasons. Knowing when to be concerned will allow you to get your child study help early on, which is important because research shows that young children who have difficulty with math typically will continue to struggle as they get older.”... read more

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