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Borsuk: From tees to polos, student attire sets tone

USA Today – Alan J. Borsuk

“Several years ago, the student council at a private school in the suburbs came up with an April Fool’s prank: They arranged for word to be spread on the day before April 1 that the school was going to require students to wear uniforms in the coming school year, and details would be announced the next day. Students were outraged. Some immediately said they would change schools, some started organizing protests, some called their parents who called the school office. The school quickly moved to put out the fire, with no waiting until the next day. No, there would be no uniforms. Who would have thought that kids cared so much about what they can and can’t, do and don’t, wear to school? Only people who ever went through puberty might have suspected this was the case.”(more)

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