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Brainomics: How Improving Brain Health Impacts the Economy

The Huffington Post – Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.

“A new study by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth finds that closing the education gap would increase economic growth and reduce economic inequality. It sounds great, but is it really that simple? I think so — I believe the brain is the most significant path to raise the standard of living, not just nationally, but globally…The study suggests several public policy strategies to close socio-economic gaps that affect academic performance, including greater investment in early childhood care and education, criminal justice reform and family-friendly workplaces. However, there is another area crucial to educational achievement and life success: cognitive development and brain health. This area of science is concerned with the health and development of a child’s brain and how that is impacted by his or her external environment…The Washington Center study — correctly — notes the importance of early childhood education in closing achievement gaps. However, new scientific evidence shows there is another window of opportunity for gains: in middle school. Rapid frontal lobe development and pruning during adolescence makes middle school the perfect time to positively impact cognitive brain health.”(more)

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