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UK: learning Mandarin will give children ‘significant’ career boost

The PIE News – Staff Writer

“More than three-quarters of UK business leaders believe fluency in Mandarin Chinese will give school leavers a career advantage, with more than a quarter saying it would be ‘significant’, according to a survey commissioned by the Mandarin Excellence Programme. The MEP, which is delivered by the UCL Institute of Education in partnership with the British Council, is an intensive language program that was introduced in 2016 to increase the number of young people with Mandarin language skills.” (more)

Rabbitt: Great Leaders Make Great Schools. Here Are 4 Factors Critical to Their Success

The 74 Million – Beth Rabbitt

“My Twitter and social media channels were abuzz earlier this month with positive reactions to writer David Brooks’s New York Times column “Good Leaders Make Good Schools.” In education, it’s rare to see readers from differing camps all virtually nodding in support of a singular notion. But anyone with depth of experience in our field knows it’s true: Great principals are critical to school transformation.” (more)

Culture shapes the brain: How reading changes the way we think

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“From a research perspective, reading and writing is a fascinating phenomenon. After all, the first writing systems date back less than 6,000 years – the blink of an eye in the timescale of human evolution. How the human brain is nonetheless able to master this complex task is a key question. Current topics of scientific interest include exploring the differences between practised readers and illiterate individuals—and the consequences for people with reading difficulties—as well as the impact of poor reading and writing skills on global democracy.” (more)

ESSA requirement for in-depth K12 spending reports looms

District Administration – Alison DeNisco

“In light of a looming ESSA mandate to increase transparency around education spending, district leaders have been struggling to calculate per-pupil spending by school in accordance with state and federal requirements. Facing a December 2019 deadline, there is confusion about whether states will expect school districts to include the costs of transportation, technology, special education and pre-K. Calculating cost per school will also reveal whether more experienced, higher-paid teachers are clustered in certain buildings.” (more)

When Teens Cyberbully Themselves

KQED News Mind/Shift – Juli Fraga

“During the stressful teen years, most adolescents experience emotional highs and lows, but for more than 20 percent of teenagers, their worries and sad feelings turn into something more serious, like anxiety or depression. Studies show that 13 percent to 18 percent of distressed teens physically injure themselves via cutting, burning or other forms of self-harm as a way to cope with their pain.” (more)

Strengthening the Roots of the Charter-School Movement

Education Next – Derrell Bradford

“Over the past quarter century, charter schools have taken firm root in the American education landscape. What started with a few Minnesota schools in the early 1990s has burgeoned into a nationwide phenomenon, with nearly 7,000 charter schools serving more than three million students in 43 states and the nation’s capital.” (more)