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4 mistakes to avoid with 529 education accounts

CBS – Ray Martin

“If you have a child heading off to college this fall and you’ve saved money in a 529 education savings plan, congratulations. But as you get ready use this stash to pay college bills, be forewarned: You need to know the rules for taking withdrawals. You’ll want to do them correctly to avoid delays and taxes.” (more)

How To Save For Rising Education Costs And Potentially Get A Tax Deduction

Forbes – Kristin O’Keeffe Merrick

“Saving for college is the real deal. It is getting more expensive by the day and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapid level of inflation of college as the years go by. In addition, if you are sending or planning to send your kids to private primary or secondary school, it is almost impossible to even think about saving for college. There is some good news–the new tax reform bill has opened up 529 plans to be used towards primary and secondary education so there are some very interesting opportunities to use 529 plans in the next few years. Read on to check out more about a 529 and what to consider when getting one.” (more)

It Just Got Easier to Cut College Costs with a 529 Savings Plan

Time – Dan Kadlec

“…Congress recently added computers to the list of expenses that can be paid for with tax-sheltered money from a 529 college savings plan. Up till now, college students had to prove that owning a computer or tablet was required by the school in order to justify the expense for 529 purposes…These changes are intended to help 529 plans remain relevant as the college experience evolves.”(more)