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Chronic absenteeism pervasive in California and nationwide, report shows

Ed Source – David Washburn

“Nearly 8 million students nationwide were chronically absent during the 2015-16 school year, with California accounting for more than 760,000 of those children, according to a report released last week representing the most comprehensive analysis to date of chronic absenteeism in the nation’s schools.” (more)

With Nearly 8 Million Students Chronically Absent From School Each Year, 36 States Set Out to Tackle the Problem in New Federal Education Plans. Will It Make a Difference?

The 74 Million – Taylor Swaak

“So-called “chronic absenteeism” has festered into what the U.S. Department of Education has branded a national crisis. Nearly 8 million K-12 students missed 15 or more days of school in 2015-16 — a marked increase from the 6.8 million estimated in 2013-14, when the federal Office for Civil Rights began tracking the data. It’s not a short-term problem, either: Various research links chronic absences with poor academic performance, delayed graduation, and higher dropout rates.” (more)

9 things schools can do today to improve attendance

E-School News – David Hardy

“Excused absences, unexcused absences, suspensions—all contribute to chronic absenteeism, which is defined as missing 10 percent or more school days per year. While the causes vary, chronic absenteeism is now viewed as a warning sign that something within a school or student’s life needs to be addressed to keep learning on track. In Lorain (OH) City School Disrict (LCS), we have set a goal for a 50 percent reduction in the chronic absentee rate. Since I joined LCS in August 2017, we’ve begun implementing several strategies to work toward that goal, including several I had success with in my previous district, St. Louis (MO) Public Schools.” (more)

So your child refuses to go to school? Here’s how to respond

Medical X-Press – Jade Sheen And Amanda Dudley

“Have you had to deal with grumbling kids who don’t want to go back to school after the winter holidays? While some school reluctance is normal, spare a thought for parents whose back-to-school struggles have reached a whole new dimension. Their child’s reluctance to go to school has escalated into a more significant psychological problem, called school refusal.” (more)

8 ways to prevent chronic absenteeism

Education Dive – David Hardy

“Students who are chronically absent — meaning they miss 10 percent or more of the school year — are at serious risk of falling behind in school. While chronic absenteeism rates are highest in high school, the problem occurs at every grade level. In the early grades, poor attendance can delay social and emotional learning. It can also prevent children from reaching key milestones such as reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade, which is a powerful predictor for future academic success. In fact, chronic absenteeism is a primary cause of low academic achievement at every grade level, and it a strong indicator of which students are at a higher risk for dropping out.” (more)