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Starke: November Is Family Literacy Month. Here’s How Schools and Parents Can Work Together to Help Kids Become Successful Readers

The 74 Million – Kathryn Starke

“November is Family Literacy Month, a 30-day opportunity to educate parents about the importance of reading at home. In 2018, illiteracy is such a serious problem in our country that 44 million adults are unable to read a simple story to their children. Over 60 percent of kids in low-income areas are growing up without any children’s books in their homes. Yet 79 percent of educators believe family engagement in literacy education is essential.” (more)

Personalized learning remains a hot topic, but what does the groundwork look like?

Education Dive – Daschell Phillips

“Once reserved for special institutions that charged high tuition rates or parents who decided to teach their children at home, personalized learning has now been realized as a better way of learning by public schools. The traditional school model created during the Industrial Revolution — with a teacher at the board, students at desks and a one-size-fits-all curriculum — is being replaced by a school model that will better prepare students for a future globalized workforce.” (more)

Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“In a world first, breakthrough research from La Trobe University has shown that toddlers with autism are just as capable of learning important life skills through early-intervention delivered in mainstream pre-schools as in specialised settings. Over a period of three years, 44 children aged between 15 and 32 months were randomly assigned to classrooms that included only children with autism or to classrooms with typically developing peers.” (more)

Why Growth Mindset Still Has Some Growing to Do

Ed Surge – Rupa Chandra Gupta

“Over the summer, academics debated the impact of growth mindset, the belief that one’s intelligence can be developed with hard work and effort, and whether it can move the needle on academic performance. Even Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck, who is often credited with the term, chimed in with additional research supporting the efficacy of mindset interventions.” (more)

Learning music early can make your child a better reader

Phys.Org – Anita Collins And Misty Adoniou

“Music processing and language development share an overlapping network in the brain. From an evolutionary perspective, the human brain developed music processing well before language and then used that processing to create and learn language.” (more)

Building a love of math and science starts early in life

The Copper Era – Staff Writer

“Introducing math and science to young children doesn’t have to be complicated. Parents and caregivers don’t have to wait until a child can solve written math problems or conduct complex science experiments. Activities such as finger painting, building blocks and baking are fun and interactive ways to build science and math skills in young kids.” (more)