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Old is new again: Chinese sees surge in new learners

CGTN – Bi Ran

“Observed every year on April 20, the UN Chinese Language Day pays tribute to one of the world’s oldest languages. As one of the United Nations’ six official languages, the day is an opportunity to dive into its history and understand how it came to be one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world.” (more)

Beginning Reading

Language Magazine – Stephen Krashen

“The goal of beginning reading instruction is to help students develop a pleasure-reading habit. This is a practical goal; it leads to competence in literacy in general, including reading ability, writing, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar, and also leads to knowledge in several areas, including science, history, and practical matters.” (more)

What to Do When a Project Fails

Edutopia – Mike Kaechele

“At the outset of a project, enthusiasm and idealism are high. As educators, we approach our project-based learning (PBL) with an eye toward success, but what happens when things don’t turn out as planned? My co-teacher and I launched a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) video project on World War I and World War II in our integrated American history and English language arts class. The project married the concept of CYOA books with videos where viewers choose what to do next. Rather than have each group make its own video, we decided to have our whole classes divide up the tasks to create one giant adventure.” (more)

Video Assignments Are the New Term Paper. How Does That Change Teaching and Learning?

Ed Surge – Bryan Alexander

“Digital video has taken the world by storm. Netflix is busy changing television and movies. YouTube may be humanity’s largest collaborative cultural project, aggregating an astonishing amount of user-generated content. The Google-owned service is widely used that it may already soak up more than a third of all mobile traffic. Unsurprisingly, we increasingly learn from digital video. The realm of informal learning is well represented on YouTube—from DIY instruction to guerrilla recordings of public speakers.” (more)

Major study finds one in five children have mental health problems

Medical X-Press – Aimee Ketchum

“One in five Ontario children and youth suffer from a mental disorder, but less than one-third have had contact with a mental health care provider, says the Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS). Although those overall results echo a similar study from 1983, the new study found a much larger proportion of children and youth with a disorder had contact with other health providers and in other settings, most often through schools.” (more)

Teaching babies a second language makes them smarter

The Chicago Tribune – Aimee Ketchum

“Babies’ brains are naturally wired to learn language. In fact, they are able to process every sound of every language in the world before approximately nine months of age, when they begin to prune out sounds from languages they do not hear every day and focus on their own native tongue. These sound units, called phonemes, are the foundation upon which language is built.” (more)