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Second languages give Texas students clear advantages

Trib Talk – Diego Lomeli

“Most of us need the English translation; approximately 15.6 of our 24 million Texan neighbors speak only English. It’s 2018 and the world is growing increasingly competitive financially, academically and socially. We all care about our children and their success in the competitive future, but we can’t claim to be setting them up for triumph if we don’t give them every possible edge today. The advantages of being raised bilingually in the 21st century are glaring. We need to provide instruction in a second language to our kids, and we need to start now, while the most benefits can be reaped.” (more)

How many words do you need to speak a language?

BBC – Beth Sagar-Fenton and Lizzy McNeill

“That was the question posed to BBC Radio 4’s More or Less programme by one frustrated listener. Despite learning German for three years, and practising nearly every day, they still couldn’t seem to retain more than 500 words. “I was hoping,” they wrote, “you could give me a shortcut, by working out how many words we actually use on a regular basis.” To work out how many words you need to know to be able to speak a second language we decided to look into how many words we know in our first language, in our case English.” (more)

Teacher stress could cost your schools more than you think

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Teachers need the right support to deliver high-quality instruction, and a new study finds that teachers who do not have access to the proper resources have higher job-related stress that negatively impacts student achievement. High levels of job-related stress affect 93 percent of teachers, and classrooms with highly stressed teachers usually have the poorest student outcomes, including lower grades and frequent behavior problems.” (more)

Trump administration releases plan to combine Education, Labor departments

Education Dive – Autumn A. Arnett

“The Trump administration announced Thursday a proposal to merge the Departments of Education and Labor into one called the Department of Education and the Workforce. The combined department would oversee education, skill development, workplace protection and retirement security and address the skills shortage facing many industries, according to the proposal.” (more)

One year of school comes with an IQ bump, meta-analysis shows

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“A year of schooling leaves students with new knowledge, and it also equates with a small but noticeable increase to students’ IQ, according to a systematic meta-analysis published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.” (more)

Creating Paths to Participation for Introverts

Edutopia – Katy Farber

“Who are you hearing from in your class? As a sixth-grade teacher, I used to encourage my students who didn’t speak up in read-aloud discussions, morning meetings, or whole class lessons. I would write comments of encouragement and cheer moments of participation. And when it came to pondering how they did on certain standards, such as “participates in class discussions about literature,” I had plenty of data to support my scores.” (more)