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Most Americans say U.S. STEM education is middling, new poll finds

The Hechinger Report – Caroline Preston

“One of the biggest education priorities of recent years has been readying more young people for the job-friendly fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In 2006, President Bush announced the “American Competitiveness Initiative” to strengthen science-and-tech education in the name of advancing innovation. Three years later, President Obama unveiled a program to train 100,000 new STEM teachers and attract more girls and minorities to the fields. Getting kids into STEM has been embraced by interests as varied as Microsoft, the Girl Scouts and David Koch.”(more)

Progress in Children’s Health Insurance Coverage, Data Shows

Education News – Grace Smith

“Health insurance coverage for American children has increased significantly, but many children still have no coverage according to a new study. Uninsured kids’ numbers fell from 5.9 million to 4.9 million from 2013 to 2014. Uninsured children in 2013 totaled 7.5%, compared to 6.3% in 2014, which constitutes a 16% reduction. There is progress, but almost 5 million US kids under 19 still do not have health insurance, shows a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report conducted by University of Minnesota researchers.”(more)