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Study: Why Some Children’s Apps Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

Ed Surge – Tina Nazerian

“To paraphrase The Bard, what’s in a certification? According to the authors of a study on the privacy protections in children’s apps, perhaps not much. A recent study, published in the journal Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, looked at whether 237 apps certified compliant with the child privacy law, COPPA, do a better job safeguarding privacy than a larger sample of non-certified apps. Overall, they found little difference between apps that were certified and those that weren’t—and in some cases suggested certified apps may present even bigger security lapses.” (more)

Learning Potential Parental Engagement App Debuts


“Learning Potential, an app for busy parents who want to be more involved in their children’s education, is topping iTunes’ charts with more than 63,000 downloads just two weeks after its launch. The free app is part of a $5 million project by the Australian government to increase parent engagement in children’s education. The app makes it easier for parents to learn how they can be involved in the little time they have between work and other obligations. “The app makes it easier to be part of your children’s learning and will help parents get the most out of the time they spend with their children, at any age,” Minister Christopher Pyne said.”(more)

Excellent Strategy Games to Teach Kids Logical Thinking

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning – Med Kharbach

“Strategy games are ideal for helping kids develop logico-mathematical skills that emphasize problem solving and strategic planning. Given the challenging nature of play involved in these games which is based entirely on the decisions and moves players make, strategy games can also enhance kids’ autonomous decision making skills and skillful thinking. If you are looking for some good educational strategy games to share with your kids, the resources below are great places to start with:”(more)

Can an App Predict College GPA? Dartmouth Prof Says Yes

Education News – Jace Harr

“A computer science professor at Dartmouth College, Andrew Campbell, has developed a smartphone app that he says can predict a student’s GPA based on their behavior. The app, called SmartGPA, uses a smartphone’s ability to sense a person’s activity and passively measures the kind of behavior that affects grade point average. The accelerometer, GPS, and microphone track whether a student is sleeping, studying, partying, or going to class.”(more)

Failure To Follow Up: The Sad Truth About Millennial Financial Literacy

Forbes – Robert Farrington

“…why, as millennials, do we fail to follow up with our money and financial life? It’s a growing trend that is harming millennial financial health. Millennials, as a generation, have a larger delinquency rate on their bills compared to all other ages…Why are millennials (or anyone really) late on their bills? It’s a lack of follow up and understanding of financial organization. Many young adults expect everything to just happen…As a society, we need to improve financial literacy among millennials, but it’s a challenge…We need to reach millennials financially in ways they understand – by teaching them about apps that could help manage all of their accounts in once place, and showing them how to setup online bill pay…All of that is possible with a little financial education about the tools needed for financial organization. Then, they won’t have to follow up…as much.”(more)

Do Education Apps Keep Kids Sharp or Just Plugged In?

NBC News – Helen A.S. Popkin

“…experts are divided on whether more “screen time” benefits the growing minds of children more than summer downtime. When considering whether mobile apps are the best solution for keeping little Johnny and Jane intellectually engaged after the final bell, grown-ups would be wise to ask a few questions, advises Alfie Kohn, author…Kohn encourages activities without digital devices. Teaching kids basic arithmetic, for example? Bake a cake with your parents and measure the ingredients, or figure out how many miles you can ride on your bike…”Don’t sit there looking at a phone.””(more)