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Physics Website Posts a Pitch for Arts Education

Education Week – Jessica Brown

“The next big thing in technology probably won’t happen without the arts, according to an article published recently on, of all places, a physics website. The site posted the story this week promoting arts education. It referenced a quote by Thomas Friedman, the author of the bestselling book The World is Flat, about the importance of integrating arts with the “hard sciences.” “It’s not that I don’t think math and science are important. They still are,” he said. “But more than ever, our secret sauce comes from our ability to integrate art, science, music, and literature with the hard sciences. That’s what produces an iPod revolution or a Google.” We’ve reported on the “STEM-to-STEAM” movement—the call to embed arts into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education…The STEAM movement is rooted in studies and data showing students who are involved in the arts academically outperform their peers, and the notion that arts education is essential to fields like engineering and architecture.”(more)