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Argentina experiments with Chinese-Spanish bilingual education

Want China Times – Han Mengtang

“”In the past, one learnt French for literature and English for business. What is the language of the future? Maybe Chinese,” tweeted Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri, when the world’s first Chinese-Spanish bilingual public school opened here in March last year. Over the past year, the Chinese-Spanish educational experiment has been running smoothly, growing from initially offering only kindergarten and preschool to the first grade of primary school…Wu Yuhua, who is in charge of this project at the city’s Educational Bureau, said that immersing them in the bilingual environment and interacting with each other have proven effective and important for the students to master a foreign language.”(more)

The Laundry Project: Voluntario Global

Education Week – Peter DeWitt

“One organization trying to help those students afford a better way of life is Voluntario Global (VG), the parent organization of the Laundry Project…Their goal is to empower the youth of Argentina with training, education and support…”(more)