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Back at school? Here’s how to keep kids free of head lice

The Conversation – Cameron Webb

“A new school year, and another battle between bloodsucking parasites and the kids they love to live on. But the real casualties are the stressed-out parents and carers trying to keep their kids free of lice. Here are some tips for delaying the inevitably tricky task of lice treatment for as long as possible.” (more)

One Mom’s Fear: Is My Child Already Behind on Day One of School? Probably Not, but It’s the First Thing to Talk About With His Teacher on Back-to-School Night

The 74 Million – Kai-Leé Berke

“Children move through progressions of development and learning in their early years, and our widely held expectations for each age or class level help us to support and challenge them as they grow and learn. But an understanding of these progressions, and the different rates at which children move through them, helps keep our expectations appropriate, realistic, and healthy.” (more)

10 Common Back-To-School Struggles — And How To Deal

The Huffington Post – Heather Marcoux

“The backpacks are packed and the indoor shoes have been labeled. It’s time for our kids to go back to school. But sometimes it’s more complicated than picking out new pencil cases and lunch boxes: The start of school can result in anxiety, fresh logistical issues and burnout — for all parties. But just like the kiddos who will soon be studying for tests, a little preparation ahead of time on our part can help set everyone up for success. ” (more)

Starting A New School Year With Connection and Looking Forward

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“The start of school is full of preparations, back-to-school shopping, and jitters for both teachers and students. The first day of school is important — it’s when first impressions are made and when teachers have an opportunity to start connecting with students without any preconceived notions about their academics or behavior.” (more)

A few easy ways to ease your child’s separation anxiety

The Miami Herald – Bevone Ritchie, M.S.

“Separation anxiety varies widely among children depending upon their age, temperament or simply their mood on a given day. The trick for surviving it demands preparation, patience and the evolution of time. And if you’ve experienced it, you know: it can be just as hard on you as it is on your child, especially because it’s often not a one-time phase.” (more)