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Take our Sats maths quiz to see if you’re smarter than an 11-year-old

The Guardian – Martin Belam

“On Wednesday and Thursday year 6 children in England’s primary schools will take their Sats maths test. If you haven’t had children in the English education system for a while, or even at all, you might be curious about what 11-year-olds are expected to know about maths. So below is a sample of the types of questions they will face.” (more)

Four ways to get men into early years teaching roles

BBC – Emma Harrison

“The union says it is important for all children to have positive male role models and to understand that men can be interested in education. The Department for Education says a group has been set up to look in more depth at the number of men working in early years – and consider what more could be done. But how can more men be encouraged to apply for the roles?” (more)

The Guardian view on analogue clocks: their time has not run out

The Guardian – Staff Writer

“Telling the time by a pattern of hands on a dial is part of the primary school curriculum. And rightly so, because of the computational gymnastics involved. Reading an analogue clock is a cognitive workout, requiring attribution of different values to the same 12 symbols, interpreted on three parallel planes – seconds, minutes, hours. Only with practice does this awesome mental feat come to feel easy.” (more)

Student suicide rates overtake non-students

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“A study from the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention says it means for the first time students have a higher suicide rate than non-students. The Hong Kong-based researchers say that female students were particularly likely to have a higher suicide rate. Researcher Edward Pinkney says it shows a “real problem in higher education”. The study, to be presented next month at the International Suicide Prevention Conference in New Zealand, has analysed how rates of suicides have changed within the UK student population.” (more)

‘Tackling diversity in STEM should start at primary school’

The Telegraph – Chris Moss

“Everyone agrees STEM subjects should be highlighted long before students begin to choose their specialisms at school or university. But when should we begin? Alison Graham, STEM coordinator at Atkins’ Cardiff office, believes that speaking to children in primary schools can help plant an important seed. Moreover, the kids really enjoy it.” (more)

Children as young as four showing signs of mental health problems, teachers say

The Telegraph – Camilla Turner

“Children as young as four are showing signs of mental health problems, a survey of teachers has shown. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression are among the symptoms displayed by infant school pupils, according to a poll carried out by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT).” (more)