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Friday, January 23, 2015

The business case for STEM education

Fortune – Michal Lev-Ram

“Silicon Valley has always looked for talent among the young (Mark Zuckerberg made his first billion at age 23). It’s only recently, though, that it has set its sights on grade school. The Valley isn’t trying to hire preteens (yet), but some of the country’s mightiest tech giants are aiming to bolster the talent pipeline by putting serious money behind kids’ math and science education, particularly for girls and minorities…in early January, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that he will dedicate $300 million to sponsor STEM education in K-12 classes and in universities, with a focus on underserved regions. The money is part of a broader effort to boost diversity among its workforce and will also fund recruiting, training, and investments in female and minority-owned startups, along with education.”(more)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daniel Fried: More Canadians should learn a Chinese language

Ottawa Citizen – Daniel Fried

“…with the rise of China, and the corresponding rapid growth of Chinese language education around the world, it would be a mistake to continue to view this as the language of one ethnicity only: it is becoming a world language, and Canada must adapt…Almost unreported outside of China, the Chinese government has been moving swiftly to reduce the amount of emphasis given to English language education in its own schools. University departments of English are being closed, and English will be removed from the all-important college entrance exams by 2017; it seems certain that within a generation, there will be far fewer speakers of English in China than there are now. More and more, businesses and nations that wish to engage with China will need to do so in Chinese.”(more)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Global firms urged to invest in education

BBC News – Sean Coughlan

“Major international businesses are failing to spend enough on supporting education, according to a global education campaign. An analysis of 500 top global firms showed that only 13% of their philanthropic and social investment budget was targeted at education…Extra funding could help tackle global concerns such as providing places for 58 million children in developing countries without any access to primary school.”(more)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What Young People Must Know About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur – Miles Jennings

“Do young people view entrepreneurship as a viable career option? Not according to a recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal that showed that only 3.6 percent of households headed by adults younger than 30 owned stakes in private companies. This figure represents a 24-year-low in young entrepreneurs…What do young people actually need to hear?…With a media full of Zucks and Musks, young people might think successful businesses build only social-network, apps and rockets. The reality is all over, successful entrepreneurs have figured out how to turn dirt into gold. These stories should be shared. Entrepreneurship, above all else, solves problems. Look for problems and you’ll find answers.”(more)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Campaign puts £88bn economic value on ‘soft skills’

BBC News – Sean Coughlan

“”Soft skills” need to be taken much more seriously as factors for business success, says a campaign by employers. These are skills such as communication, initiative, interacting with customers and team working. Research commissioned by the campaign suggests such skills are worth £88bn to the UK economy…Neil Carberry, the CBI’s director for employment and skills, said: “Business is clear that developing the right attitudes and attributes in people – such as resilience, respect, enthusiasm and creativity – is just as important as academic or technical skills.””(more)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Educators seek to enhance STEM skills for current and future workforce

Deseret News – Morgan Jacobsen

“Businesses across the state are calling for a more skilled and qualified workforce, especially among recent college graduates in fields of science, technology, engineering and math…The Ogden School District and the YMCA of Northern Utah this week are introducing new after-school programs for K-12 students that focus on STEM academic assistance and career exploration — the first time that YMCA programs have been offered to high school students in the area…Whatever the age or experience of the student, Utah school officials are hopeful that supplemental instruction will mean success for students and sustainability for businesses…”(more)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Universities Increasing Programs for Data Scientists

Information Week – Becca Lipman

“Investment in big data continues to increase, but it all means squat if there’s no talent to program the tools, analyze the results, and create business value. Universities are responding by creating programs to train a generation of data scientists in technical and business capabilities.”(more)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kresge pledges $20M for early education in Detroit

The Detroit News – Jennifer Chambers

“Jewell Jones has few memories of his time as a preschooler at Head Start: climbing on the play-scape, riding a bike, nap time, snacks. Yet at 19, Jones credits the school readiness program for young children from low-income families with putting him on the track to success today…Nearly 31 million Americans have attended Head Start since its inception 49 years ago, according to the National Head Start Association. Those ranks will increase in Michigan and across the nation under a $1 billion public-private investment into the program…The Troy-based Kresge Foundation has committed $20 million over five years to build out a high-quality early childhood development system in Detroit…”Kresge wants Detroit’s children – all children – to succeed in school and life,” says Rip Rapson, Kresge’s president and chief executive officer. “Investments in early childhood education are critically important to our youngest learners and their families. Well-prepared youngsters excel academically, are healthier and contribute more fully to society and the economic mainstream.””(more)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why language skills are great for business

The Guardian – Lucy Jolin

“Don’t know your bonjours from your buongiornos? You’re not alone: three-quarters of British adults can’t speak a foreign language competently[PDF]. But the benefits of being able to communicate with overseas clients, suppliers and buyers are huge – as are the costs of lacking that facility.”(more)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Northrop Grumman Does K-12 STEM Ed Both Nationally and Locally

Inside Philanthropy – Sara Michelle

“Given its aerospace and defense technology corporate inclination, it’s no surprise that Northrop Grumman places primary focus on STEM education, including emphasis at the K-12 level. What makes Northrop Grumman unique is that it places parallel emphasis on national STEM education programs and local STEM education programs.”(more)