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OPINION: How one city got math right

The Hechinger Report – Jo Boaler, Alan Schoenfeld, Phil Daro, Harold Asturias, Patrick Callahan, and David Foster

“San Francisco Unified did something unusual — it studied the research that shows the ineffectiveness of tracking and shallow curricula, and made bold decisions based on knowledge of the relevant research. District leaders thought deeply about when to accelerate students and what to do before then. They found a unique balance point, which is now seen as a national model. They decided to challenge students earlier with depth and rigor in middle school. All students in the district take Common Core Math 6, 7 and 8. This robust foundation allows students to be more successful in advanced math courses in high school.” (more)

It’s time to invest in foreign-language instruction

The Los Angeles Times – Patrice Apodaca

“And once again, I shook my head in dismay over the fact that linguistics education in the United States is abysmal. Actually, it’s worse than that. Foreign language instruction has never been our strong suit. But it’s been declining from our previous subpar levels, and that’s a troubling trend that will likely have serious economic, social and political consequences. Last year, the National K-12 Foreign Language Enrollment Survey, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, found that only 1 in 5 students is enrolled in a world language or American Sign Language. At the college level, enrollment in foreign languages has been undergoing a years-long decline.” (more)

Chronic absenteeism pervasive in California and nationwide, report shows

Ed Source – David Washburn

“Nearly 8 million students nationwide were chronically absent during the 2015-16 school year, with California accounting for more than 760,000 of those children, according to a report released last week representing the most comprehensive analysis to date of chronic absenteeism in the nation’s schools.” (more)

Parent involvement in early years grows with help from community groups

Ed Source – Ashley Hopkinson

“In recognition of the importance of involving parents in their child’s education as early as possible, community-based organizations in California have developed a range of strategies to increase parent engagement long before a child enters kindergarten.” (more)

This is why California needs to expand bilingual education

The Sacramento Bee – Tom Torlakson

“Numerous studies show that fluency in another language boosts students’ mental flexibility and enhances their ability to learn all subjects, including their native language. Bilingual students have to switch back and forth between languages, which helps them develop strong attention control and skills that help them academically and socially. They often understand language structures better than their single-language peers, giving them a potential advantage in reading and writing.” (more)