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Measuring growth in test scores is key to understanding student progress

Ed Source – Steve Martinez and Rick Miller

“There is a better way to measure how much each student improves from one year to a next — this measure is called Academic Growth. It measures the acceleration of achievement at a school by accounting for how much each individual student is learning over time. It considers improvement in scores even though a student hasn’t reached the goal of Level 3. However, growth data are not collected or available on the California School Dashboard, much to the dismay of stakeholders, although it has been a topic of year-long debate at the State Board of Education.” (more)

In California, A County Of Children Without Schools

The Huffington Post – Rebecca Klein

“In the days since Camp Fire ravaged Butte County, consuming 150,000 acres and more than 10,000 homes, Annie Finney’s house has been turned into a makeshift school, filled with a group of eager second-graders. Finney, a teacher at Children’s Community Charter School in Paradise, California, is one of the lucky ones. Most of her school burned down, but her house is still standing, which is more than many of her students and co-workers can say.” (more)

Preschoolers take on math with the help of college students

Ed Source – Ashley Hopkinson

“Instilling confidence in math skills from an early age is the mission of a new math program aimed at California preschoolers. With that in mind, the “Preschool Counts” program enlists undergraduate students to work one-on-one and in pairs with young children to boost their math skills through games and activities. The program began in 2013 on a pilot basis at Stanford University. Students at UCLA and San Francisco State University are also participating in the program.” (more)

Taking Kids out of School for a Vacation? California District Wants Parents to Make Up for Lost State Aid

The 74 Million – Laura Fay

“What’s the value of one day of school? While the learning and development that happen for each child may be priceless, at least one California district has put a monetary value on it. Manhattan Beach Unified School District, in Los Angeles’s tony South Bay, asks parents to make a $47 donation each time a student misses a day of school.” (more)

OPINION: How one city got math right

The Hechinger Report – Jo Boaler, Alan Schoenfeld, Phil Daro, Harold Asturias, Patrick Callahan, and David Foster

“San Francisco Unified did something unusual — it studied the research that shows the ineffectiveness of tracking and shallow curricula, and made bold decisions based on knowledge of the relevant research. District leaders thought deeply about when to accelerate students and what to do before then. They found a unique balance point, which is now seen as a national model. They decided to challenge students earlier with depth and rigor in middle school. All students in the district take Common Core Math 6, 7 and 8. This robust foundation allows students to be more successful in advanced math courses in high school.” (more)