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Why parents struggle with Common Core math: “The diagrams are absolutely insane.”

The Mercury News – Karen D’Souza

“The good old days of memorizing math formulas or multiplication tables are gone. Instead, Common Core math requires students to show how they reason their way to the right answer. As a result, many parents say homework is far more complicated than it used to be. For example, the right answer to 3×5 isn’t just 15 anymore, as one popular social media post noted. It’s 3+3+3+3+3. And it’s 5+5+5. The new methods leave many parents baffled.” (more)

How Internships Connect First Generation College Bound Students to STEM Careers

KQED News Mind/Shift – Joanne Jacobs

“It was not an ordinary lunch period at Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High. Berenice Espino and her Quest for Space teammates had gathered in the engineering classroom to watch as a SpaceX rocket was launched into the atmosphere heading for the International Space Station, carrying onboard a science experiment they’d designed. NASA astronauts would test the device, which analyzes the effects of weightlessness on cooling and heating systems, and send data back to the students.” (more)

Global California 2030

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson today launched Global California 2030, which is a call to action “to vastly expand the teaching and learning of world languages and the number of students proficient in more than one language over the next 12 years.” In recognition of their tireless efforts to expand multilingualism in California, Jan Gustafson Corea, CEO of California Association for Bilingual Education, mastered the announcement ceremony, and Shelly Spiegel–Coleman, executive director of Californians Together, delivered an inspirational speech.” (more)

Science in the palm of your hand: How citizen science transforms passive learners

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Third-grader Jessica was quiet in group discussions and did not see herself as a strong science student. But after an eight-week unit in school where she was able to read, write about, collect data on and even draw and photograph ladybugs for a project, she began to see herself as scientist in her own right — explaining the life stages and lifestyles of ladybugs to grownups with conviction. Jessica became a citizen scientist.” (more)


New science test must be part of California’s school accountability system

Ed Source – Jill Grace and Vincent Stewart

“Science, when done well, has the ability to draw out our innate curiosity, to be relevant, rigorous and promote the critical thinking skills that serve children across subject areas and throughout their lives. Science is a front-burner issue for California students, especially for those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. To ensure they receive the education they deserve and need, it is essential for the State Board of Education to add a placeholder for the California Science Test (CAST) to the California School Dashboard.” (more)

How young is too young to start introducing students to future careers?

The Hechinger Report – Tara García Mathewson

“In Southern California’s Cajon Valley Union School District, career exploration starts in kindergarten. Five-year-olds learn about police officers, doctors, artists, teachers, bakers and farmers. Over the next eight years, until they leave the district for high school, they will cycle through learning about 54 different careers, including real estate agent, paralegal, dietitian, reporter, graphic designer, sociologist, urban and regional planner and financial analyst.” (more)