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Eddy & Joseph: There Are Many Roads to a Good Career. Parents Must Keep an Open Mind to Help Their Kids Find the Right Path

The 74 Million – Jean Eddy and Jackney Prioly Joseph

“For many students and their families, conversations about life after high school are stressful. College is what many of us want for our children, but the cost of attending is daunting, if not prohibitive. It’s fair to wonder whether it’s the right next step, particularly when students don’t know what they want to study or how they’ll turn their degree into a stable career that enables them to pay back debt and get ahead.” (more)

4 keys to supporting college and career readiness

E-School News – Michael Ballone and Michael Bowman

“Preparing students for college and a career is the mission of every public K-12 school system, and this work begins by establishing a strong foundation for success in the early grades. At Marlboro Township (NJ) Public Schools, a K-8 district, we are doing several things to ensure that our students are on a path to college and career readiness before they move on to high school. Our efforts seem to be paying off, as all of our elementary and middle schools are rated by the state as either “shows progress” or “excels” in terms of reading and math achievement. Moreover, we have the largest number of students in our area who are accepted into highly competitive vocational schools.” (more)

Bilingual education – a competitive advantage

Relocate Magazine – Staff Writer

“Providing students with the chance to study in another language can improve access to higher education, provide opportunities to study abroad and improve future job prospects. It has also been shown to enhance cognitive development. In an increasingly globalised world, a bilingual education could be one of the most important advantages parents can give to their children.” (more)

Over 90% Of CEO’s Agree Maths Is Key To Career Progression During Automation

Business World – Staff Writer

“As a lead up to the occasion of National Mathematics Day, Cuemath has identified trends around the perception and importance of Mathematics amongst parents, corporates, school principals and recent IITians. The survey was conducted over the last two months and consisted of over 600 respondents across key metro cities in India. The data primarily reflects that over 94 per cent of the respondents which includes CEO’s, IITians and School Principals agree that Mathematics is key to career progression in a world of automation.” (more)

Career planning helps middle-schoolers prepare for the future

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

“Nathaniel Wallace believes real-world lessons can boost his students’ future career paths, he wrote in an eSchoolNews post. That’s one reason he gives lessons on computational thinking to the K-8 students where he teaches in Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland.” (more)

STEM Education Support Key to Diverse Workforce of Tomorrow

Public News Service – Ashley Inman Zanchelli

“How will Washington state diversify its workforce as technology radically changes the jobs landscape? One answer is investment in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, education for underserved students. By 2030, two-thirds of family-sustaining job openings in the Evergreen State are projected to require STEM credentials, according to the group Washington STEM. But the group’s chief program officer, Andy Shouse, says children of color and from low-income families start kindergarten behind in math proficiency. He says the gaps grow larger as they age, hampering attainment in STEM subjects.” (more)