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Science, Math Education Gap Fueled by Lack of Knowledge on Career Opportunities, Survey Shows

The Business Wire – Staff Writer

“Demand for scientists and engineers has never been stronger, but many young people in the U.S. are avoiding science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) because they don’t understand the opportunities, according to a new survey released today by Emerson (NYSE:EMR). The survey* revealed that 42 percent of respondents would have considered a career in STEM fields had they better understood a potential career path, and one-third of respondents didn’t pursue a STEM career because it seemed too hard. Additionally, women were significantly more likely than men to avoid a career in STEM because they were afraid they wouldn’t succeed.”(more)

The Future Speaks Chinese

Asia Society – Jeff Wang

“Foreign language study isn’t just about training every student to replace a translator; it’s about building a society of citizens that invoke mutual trust, respect, and possess the disposition to collaborate. These are critical elements of a world seeking a shared sense and responsibility for security and prosperity…We believe that making sure more of our young people learn and master a global language affords them not only advantages in career opportunities, but also the lifelong gift of fostering tolerance, sensitivity, and curiosity. Put simply, with every passing day it becomes clearer, and easier to make the case: The future really does speak Chinese; and that future holds more promise for the United States, if more of its citizens become students of the language.”(more)

How Being Multilingual Can Affect Your Financial Future

Odyssey – Serena Hajjar

“With growing interdependence among countries, multilingualism is becoming an increasingly important asset, especially in the workplace. Today, the most prosperous economies in the world are driven by open- and free-trade principles. This requires constant interaction with people from all around the world, people from vastly different cultures. To successfully participate in this globalized economy, it’s important to recognize that not everyone will speak your language (that would be a rather pretentious assumption)…the law of supply and demand plays a significant role in determining the economic value of various languages…to maximize your earning potential, learn a language which is in high demand, but low supply.”(more)

Moments of STEM inspiration

SmartBlog on Education – Melissa Greenwood

“One moment can change everything. “A large percentage of girls who chose a STEM career did so because of just one thing, one person or one event,” Nepris CEO Sabari Raja said during a SmartBrief Equity in STEM event. “It does not take years and years of convincing.”…Aerospace educator Barbara Gruber shared during her event presentation how makerspaces also can help create moments of inspiration…“One of the things that we have done with makerspaces in Loudoun is put makerspaces in the library, which is a special place that kids go to every week,” Gruber said, “…having that visibility of projects that other kids are working on…certainly grabs kids’ attention…””(more)

Promising practices: Creating a STEM workforce for all

SmartBlog on Education – Melissa Greenwood

“The future is bright for careers in science, technology, engineering and math…Research shows STEM will continue permeating many areas of the future world of work, and we hope the culture is one in which individuals — regardless of socioeconomics, gender, skin color or disability — have equal opportunities for success. But there are roadblocks to participation for some groups…SmartBrief Education gathered a group of experts for the Equity in STEM: Taking the Challenge to Build an Inclusive Workforce event to discuss ways to remove some of these roadblocks and build inclusive pathways to STEM careers. The panelists highlighted strategies to help bridge the gap among underrepresented populations, including girls and individuals with disabilities…Keep reading for a deep dive into these — and other — ideas that businesses, educators and others can begin using today to help build the inclusive STEM workforce of tomorrow.”(more)

Empowering Educators to Bridge the Financial Literacy Gap

The Huffington Post – Shannon Schuyler

“Our collective effort to empower educators to teach students about finance, accounting, and business is not just a “nice to have.” It’s necessary, from New York to California, Minnesota to Missouri, and West Virginia to Wisconsin. To become fiscally and socially responsible adults, young people from every community must develop the capabilities they’ll need to transition from a school to a career…Yet only 31 percent of teachers feel completely comfortable teaching financial concepts…”(more)