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Narrow STEM Focus In Schools May Hurt Long-Term

Education Next – Jay P. Greene

“Education policy leaders have been obsessed with STEM for many years now. They note the relatively high salaries of students who complete school with STEM skills. And industry leaders repeatedly complain about the chronic shortages of skilled workers in technical fields. If only our schools could produce more graduates with these technical skills, we could help address industry’s needs as well as launch students into lucrative careers.” (more)

Bilingual education – a competitive advantage

Re:Locate Magazine – Andrew Coombe

“Dr Ellen Bialystok, professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada, has been studying the advantages of bilingualism for almost 40 years. In 2013, Dr Bialystok found that regularly using more than one language can enhance cognitive abilities in some surprising areas. For example, bilingual learners tend to have greater working memory. In other words, the brain’s capacity to temporarily hold information, which is important for reasoning and decision making.” (more)

There are 77 US occupations that average six-figure salaries. Is yours one of them?

USA Today – Samuel Stebbins

“Choosing a career is one of the most consequential decisions many will make in their lifetime. The right job for one person is not necessarily the best choice for another, and a person’s job is often a reflection of personal values and skill sets. Regardless, working is a practical necessity for most people, and as such, compensation is also usually an important consideration.” (more)

STEM Helps Students Launch into the Future

Ed Tech Magazine – Ryan Petersen

“School has always been a place to train students for their eventual adult lives. Cultural norms have long dictated the foundation they need to ­survive in ­society and the workforce — reading, writing, math and science. Now, more than ever, that training mission is ­evolving and seems akin to rocketing them into space rather than keeping their feet grounded.” (more)

Commentary: Getting students from classroom to workforce

Herald Net – Barbara Hulit and Gary Cohn

“A solid foundation in science — starting in elementary school — is also essential in developing our region’s future workforce. Washington is home to industry-leading, innovation-driven companies representing a diverse industrial mix. These employers need employees with a variety of skills, experiences and perspectives.” (more)

Algebra That Fits With Career Goals May Be Key To Math-Loving Kids

Forbes – Rachel Crowell

“Think about the so-called “story problems” you studied in algebra and other math classes. How many of them dealt with, say, two trains which, no matter how far they traveled, could never catch your attention? Were you the kid that asked (or silently wondered) “When am I ever going to use this stuff in real life?” Did you ever get the answer to that question, or were you left pondering it while trying to solve confusing, seemingly irrelevant problems?” (more)