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Strengthening the Roots of the Charter-School Movement

Education Next – Derrell Bradford

“Over the past quarter century, charter schools have taken firm root in the American education landscape. What started with a few Minnesota schools in the early 1990s has burgeoned into a nationwide phenomenon, with nearly 7,000 charter schools serving more than three million students in 43 states and the nation’s capital.” (more)

Can Big Data Change a Wicked School Truancy Problem?

Ed Surge – Tiffany Wycoff

“The Brightmoor neighborhood in the western edge of Detroit—ravaged by poverty and gang violence, riddled with abandoned homes and boarded-up schools, and lacking public transportation options—has no shortage of wicked problems that exasperate chronic absenteeism in its schools. In fact, there is only one high school, Detroit Community Schools, a charter school, left in the area after other district-run campuses were shut down or abandoned.” (more)

Can kids get passionate about learning — and develop the persistence to follow where it leads? One school has a plan

The Hechinger Report – Brenda Iasevoli

“The Greenfield model uses some rather commonplace strategies, such as integrating online learning, small-group instruction and greater parental and community involvement. Where the model pushes boundaries is in the addition of learning experiences called “expeditions.” These are not field trips. They are two-week intensive courses that take children outside the classroom and beyond the traditional subjects.” (more)

Study finds link between ‘no excuses’ policies and success

Education Dive – Roger Riddell

“If the initial idea behind charter schools was to create an environment in which schools had more flexibility to experiment with new approaches to education, it makes sense that any successful practices would then be replicated in non-charter and traditional public schools. So in that sense, Cohodes’ study reinforces that purpose.” (more)

Study: Here’s what makes parents turn to charter schools

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Public school parents who are “very dissatisfied” with their child’s school are 2.5 times more likely to switch to a charter school than parents who are “very satisfied,” according to a new study by scholars at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. Specifically, among parents who are “very dissatisfied,” 57 percent were “very/somewhat” likely to switch to a charter school, compared with 22 percent of the parents who are “very satisfied.” (more)