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Minecraft used to teach children molecular chemistry

BBC – Staff Writer

“Virtual world-building game Minecraft, played by tens of millions of children worldwide, could be used in schools to teach pupils chemistry. A group of Hull University students created an educational version of the game that allows players to explore specially created molecular structures and understand chemistry. The aim is to engage young scientists in a fun and interactive way. Minecraft players use building blocks to create structure and landscapes. They are also encouraged to collect treasure and many other items.”(more)

Fourth of July, Fireworks, & STEM

Change the Equation – Staff Writer

“Grab your lawn chairs, hot dogs, watermelon, and scout a great spot to view the fireworks — the Fourth of July is nearly here! Red, white, and blue sparkles will illuminate the sky as we stare in amazement. Did you ever wonder how do fireworks get their colors? We’ve got a STEM answer for that. As it turns out, creating fireworks colors is pretty complex even for the STEM at heart.”(more)

10-Year-Old Wins National Chemistry Challenge

Education Week – Jessica Brown

“An Ohio 10-year-old made history this week, by becoming the youngest student ever to win the national You Be The Chemist Challenge. Daniel Liu, a 7th grader at Ottawa Hills Junior High School in Ottawa Hills, Ohio, took home the title June 22…The You Be The Chemist Challenge is a quiz-bowl-style competition for students in grades 5-8. Nearly 40,000 students participated at the local and state levels this year. Liu was among 36 to advance to the national competition, which included 11 rounds of chemistry questions…Organizers hope the event will prompt more students to enter science-related careers.”(more)

Chemistry Cook-Off: Appreciate the Science Behind the Food

The Huffington Post – Tracy Schloemer

“AI designed the course with this end in mind: how can I use the recipes to get my students to discuss and share the science inherent in the cooking? Homemade guacamole provided a way to learn about the principles of smell and taste.” (more)

Yes, students should take chemistry. Here’s why

The Washington Post – S. Raj Govindarajan

“I agree that school needs to be reformed. However, I suggest a different path, a path designed to instill a practical and useful understanding of science and its implications to the public.” (more)