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Big Bird and Elmo are taking Sesame Street into the classroom

The Christian Science Monitor – Sally Ho

“Sesame Street is taking its beloved, critically acclaimed brand of educational television into the highly profitable world of classroom curriculum – a move that experts say could open the door for other companies to move into the sensitive learning space with possible influence on children. Sesame Workshop, the company behind Big Bird and Elmo, and McGraw-Hill Education, a billion-dollar for-profit company known for school textbooks, announced their partnership Thursday. Both declined to disclose the financial terms for their new line of classroom instructional materials.” (more)

5 Ways To Prevent The Summer Slide

The Huffington Post – Taylor Pittman

“Summer brain drain. Summer setback. Summer slide. Summer learning loss. Most parents have heard a version of the idea that over summer vacation, kids lose some of what they learn during the school year. But they’ll be happy to know there are actually realistic (and affordable!) ways to combat it. Dr. Katrina Lindsay, a clinical and pediatric psychologist at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio, is the director of the hospital’s School Success Clinic, which specializes in helping kids who struggle in school. She told HuffPost that students lose about one to two months of learning over the course of the summer. For kids with learning disorders, that loss can be even larger.” (more)

California must continue to lead in closing the bilingual skills gap

Ed Source – David Bong

“High school seniors in nearly three dozen states walked across the graduation stage last month to receive a diploma with a unique distinction that signifies they are even better positioned for success: a Seal of Biliteracy. That’s because in today’s global economy and multicultural society, the skill of being bilingual is becoming increasingly valuable in the eyes of colleges and employers. In fact, a recent study from the New American Economy showed that demand for bilingual workers more than doubled between 2010 and 2015.” (more)

5 Books for Understanding Reading Difficulties

Edutopia – Jessica Hamman

“What a gift the early days of summer break are, when the buzz of the school year begins to recede and vacation days spread out before you with endless potential. At the start of the summer, beach novels or other light reading seems in order. But if you’re anything like me, halfway through the summer you find yourself trading the light reads for books about education once again. When you hit this inevitable moment, what should be on your list?” (more)

Borsuk: Literacy may not be a constitutional right, but it’s a life imperative

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel – Alan J. Borsuk

“A federal judge a few days ago rejected a lawsuit that claimed that many students in Detroit were being denied their constitutional right to become literate. The judge was sympathetic. He called the academic record of Detroit schools “devastating.” But a right under the U.S. Constitution to be taught successfully to read and write? Nope. But what if we took it as an obligation, if not a constitutional requirement, to lead a lot more children to be literate so they make it to third grade able to read and to high school graduation with the skills needed for college and the workplace?” (more)

Celebrating positives improves classroom behavior and mental health

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Training teachers to focus their attention on positive conduct and to avoid jumping to correct minor disruption improves child behaviour, concentration and mental health. A study led by the University of Exeter Medical School, published in Psychological Medicine, analysed the success of a training programme called the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme. Its core principles include building strong social relationship between teachers and children, and ignoring low-level bad behaviour that often disrupts classrooms.” (more)