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Tapping into G-R-I-T to enhance students’ ‘burn to learn’

Education Dive – Paul G. Stoltz

“These tough times are key opportunities to help students effectively harness their GRIT™ — Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity. Rather than offering them sympathetic advice like, “It could be so much worse,” direct them with GRIT questions. Ask them to dig deeper so they can achieve their goals, even in the midst of struggles.” (more)

There’s a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again

The Conversation – Jane Herbert and Elisabeth Duursma

“We often hear about the benefits of reading storybooks at bedtime for promoting vocabulary, early literacy skills, and a good relationship with your child. But the experts haven’t been in your home, and your child requests the same book every single night, sometimes multiple times a night. You both know all the words off by heart.” (more)

Make Holiday Time Read-Aloud Time!

Education World – Staff Writer

“The December school break is a good time for parents to curl up with their children and read books. By reading with children during the holiday break, parents will help maintain children’s reading ability and get a sense of any reading problems their children might have. Research also shows that reading and discussing books with children helps build their vocabularies.” (more)

Effects of early education intervention on behavior persist for 4 decades

Eurekalert – Staff Writer

“Adults who had received early life, intensive childhood educational intervention display high levels of fairness in social interactions more than 40 years later, even when being fair comes at a high personal cost, according to a new study by Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientists.” (more)

Giving the Gift of Literacy

Edutopia – Darby Evans

“During the holiday season and when birthdays roll around, parents often seek out gifts that their kids will enjoy while also learning something—a delicate balance. Gifts that support literacy—books, magazines, and apps—work well at every age. Teachers can help out by sharing this list with parents. You can add your own great ideas too, and if you want a more extensive list, check out these suggestions from the Notre Dame Center for Literacy. (All prices current as of December 2018.).” (more)

Tuchman & Pillow: Out-of-School Enrichment Is Critical to Student Success. We Must Close the Access Gap for Black and Latino Kids

The 74 Million – Sivan Tuchman and Travis Pillow

“We hear a lot about the achievement gap, but people don’t usually talk about the access gap. If they do, they mean access to high-quality schools. But schools aren’t the only thing that students need access to in order to reach their goals. Access to enrichment matters, too. A new analysis by researchers from the University of Washington eScience Institute, in partnership with CRPE and ReSchool Colorado, shows a recurring trend that students who are black or Hispanic, and those who come from households with lower incomes or less-educated parents, tend to have less access to out-of-school opportunities that might affect their learning.” (more)