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Want your child to be an engineer? Give them a falcon or go stargazing

The Guardian – Michael Savage

“A childhood brush with beekeeping, a foray into falconry or a fossil-hunting trip could inspire a new generation of much-needed engineers, scientists and mathematicians, new research suggests. Schools are being urged to consider introducing children to a hobby related to science, technology, engineering and maths – the so-called Stem subjects – after a major study found that it could leave them with a lifelong interest and shape their career path. The research also suggested that hobbies may even help increase the number of female scientists and those from ethnic minorities.”(more)

What do children need to know when they start kindergarten? You might be surprised.

Chalk Beat – Ann Schimke

“How many letters should kids recognize when they enter kindergarten? Should they be able to cut with scissors? How long should they be able to sit still? Such basic questions seem like they should come with clear-cut answers, but parents and teachers — and even Colorado state standards — differ widely in their expectations for entering kindergarteners. Early childhood leaders in Larimer County discovered just how much variation exists after they surveyed 800 local parents, preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers in 2015.”(more)

Halloween Lesson Plans and Activities

Education World – Staff Writer

“Ghosts and goblins are about. Witches walk among us. Princes, princesses, fairies, and knights fill schools and classrooms. Is there any doubt that Halloween is here? If you are not quite ready to celebrate in “spooktacular” fashion, you’re sure to find a fun idea of two right here.”(more)

Three Principles of Writing Instruction in a Personalized Learning Classroom

Ed Surge – Amanda Zeligs Hand

“Writing is a deeply personal act. From process to deadlines, no two people approach writing in the exact same way. Take, for instance, environment. While some people prefer to write in complete silence, others need the din of a coffee shop to focus. Or, if you are like me, the friendly hum of the same song on endless repeat helps the words flow. These disparate settings have one thing in common: excellent writing can emerge from each.”(more)

Six Things Principals Are Thinking When They Get Pitched Edtech

Ed Surge – Sara Shenkan-Rich

“As a principal, I get pinged by edtech providers almost every day. Everyone has a new solution that is going to “disrupt” my school. Most of the time we ignore the emails and phone calls, but every now and again something breaks through the noise and catches my interest. When we talk to edtech companies to learn about what they have to offer, there are a few main questions that I am thinking about as I listen to their pitch.”(more)

Bad news, math-averse parents: It rubs off on your kids

The Chicago Tribune – Heidi Stevens

“With a new school year officially underway, experts in numeracy (like literacy, but with numbers) have an important message for math-averse parents: Your anxiety is contagious. Our anxiety, I should say, is contagious. (I count myself among the math-averse.) Research shows that our seemingly benign statements about math (“I never liked this stuff,” “This never made any sense to me”) rub off on our children and do lasting harm.”(more)