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Opinion: The importance of international education on global mobility

Human Capital Magazine – Staff Writer

“This is a unique period in world history, which requires exceptional leaders, who can overcome major political, economic and environmental challenges. The perceived stability of historical superpowers is being contested by new political and economic powers and we are facing an age of dynamism in international relations. We can expect more regional collaboration such as ASEAN and Mercosur to develop and more individual countries – India, China, Brazil and soon maybe Indonesia or Nigeria – to play even bigger roles in global politics.”(more)

What American Moms Want Most From Our Next President: Improve Education and Keep Our Kids Safe

PR News Wire – Staff Writer

“Harried but hopeful, American moms are worried about a host of issues affecting their children this election year, including declining moral values, violence in schools, sexual predators and bullying. But nine out of ten moms report they are at least “somewhat” optimistic about their children’s future, and more than half say they are “very optimistic,” according to a new poll of mothers likely to vote in the fall presidential election. The results of a non-partisan survey of more than 1,000 mothers released today by Save the Children and Shriver Media, entitled The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into the Resilient American Mother reveals the modern mother is optimistic in her own strength and resolve to raise independent and caring children, but challenged by the shortcomings of the institutions meant to support her.”(more)

Math Education: A Messy Problem

Inside Higher Ed – Gizem Karaali

“Andrew Hacker’s The Math Myth and Other STEM Delusions simply continues to promote the misguided path he got on several years ago, and it’s difficult to see how it could lead us anywhere productive. Hacker started the business of attacking school mathematics in a New York Times op-ed where he argued, in sync with gimmicky T-shirts claiming the same, that algebra was unnecessary, or perhaps even detrimental to our future. In a national scene where mathphobia is rampant and most people’s memories of school mathematics remain unpleasant at best, he struck a chord. Then, of course, come book contracts and even more adulation. Thoughtful people have already responded authoritatively to the various errors in Hacker’s argument — see here for another scathing review. A short and quick reply is here. For this audience of college and university educators, some of whom might be tempted by Hacker’s bravado and wonder about implications for higher education, I’d like to also point out that Hacker seems to forget why we educate our young.”(more)

Here’s how to leverage federal funds for STEM education

E-School News – Laura Devaney

“The U.S. Department of Education issued guidance to school districts and educational leaders on funding STEM education opportunities. The U.S. Department of Education has issued guidance around leveraging federal funds for STEM education in an attempt to close the equity and opportunity gaps that persist for historically underserved students. A letter directed to states, school districts and schools offers examples of how federal funds can serve to support the development, implementation and expansion of STEM education and learning experiences to improve student achievement.”(more)

Tinkering Spaces: How Equity Means More Than Access

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“The Maker Movement has helped spur renewed interest in hands-on learning and the value of spaces where children can explore their own ideas, be creative, and tinker. Some schools have made makerspaces and FabLabs a priority, building making activities into the curriculum and encouraging kids through afterschool activities. In large part, this new excitement has come from a predominantly white, male sensibility and conversations about equity and tinkering tend to focus on questions of access to makerspaces and to tools.”(more)

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Education Next – Staff Writer

“To show our appreciation for all the great teachers out there, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite articles that we think teachers might enjoy.”(more)