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You Need To Teach Your Kids To Fail. Here’s How.

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“Like everyone, parents tend to look for concrete indicators of success and progress. But because there are no parenting report cards or performance evaluations, they simply look to their kids’ achievements and co-opt them. Lahey noted that this is part of what psychology professor Wendy Grolnick calls the “Pressured Parent Phenomenon.” “Parents think, ‘My child made the traveling soccer team, so that means I get an A for my parenting,’ or ‘They won the science fair. That means I’m an A+ parent,’” Lahey explained, noting that this feeds into the temptation to mow down any obstacles or challenges kids may face and deprive them of the opportunity to fail.” (more)

Kids are smarter than adults when solving certain problems

Berkeley News – Yasmin Anwar

“Still depending on your kids to figure out why your smartphone’s acting weird? As a rule, children are wired to explore, experiment and get results through trial and error – usually more quickly than grownups. But why?” (more)

New PE Trend Stresses Fitness and Fun

Education World – Staff Writer

“As the amount of physical activity children get in and out of school has declined in recent years, youngsters have become more overweight and less fit. To help reverse that trend, some fitness experts say, physical education classes should be revamped so there is less emphasis on team sports and more on lifelong fitness activities.” (more)

Opinion: Why we should ban kids’ smartphone use in school

The Mercury News – Steve Koppman

“Studies demonstrate significantly improved academic performance follows removal of phones from schools. Lower-achieving students benefit most, narrowing the “achievement gap.” Research finds U.S. teens — their minds still forming — average six to nine hours a day online. Half tell researchers they are on phones “all the time” and half similarly feel “addicted” (smartphones stimulate addiction-generating dopamine). Many go to sleep and wake up with them. Seventy-five percent of teachers surveyed assert student attention spans have dropped in the last five years.” (more)

When it comes to vaccinating children, there is no healthy skepticism

The Dallas Morning News – Eddie Bernice Johnson

“Far too many of our students go to school without the proper vaccinations, and that poses a major health risk to us all. In our state, the number of unvaccinated children has increased drastically since 2003, when the Texas Legislature expanded the exemptions to include non-medical reasons. From 2003 to 2018, the number of such exemptions spiked from just over 2,000 to an estimated 57,000 for kindergarten through 12th grade students. To put this in perspective, the number of exempted students is higher than all of the students enrolled in Dallas ISD, and also more than the combined total of students in the Desoto, Coppell, Carroll, Highland Park, Cedar Hill, Lancaster and Lake Dallas ISDs.” (more)

Arts should be core to education, not an optional add-on

Commonwealth Magazine – Liz Byron

“When students only experience art through art integration — or worse, not at all — we deprive them of a subject that engages students in a uniquely creative and rigorous set of cognitive skills and emotional responses. Visual art class is the only dedicated space for directly teaching students how to paint, sculpt, draw, and, reciprocally, how to critique and respond to a work of art or the world around them. It is the only setting where students are consistently exposed to art-specific genres, history, philosophy, and acclaimed as well as regional artists and artistic movements.” (more)