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A Growth Mindset Could Buffer Kids From Negative Academic Effects of Poverty

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, along with other education researchers interested in growth mindset, have done numerous studies showing that when students believe their intelligence can grow and change with effort, they perform better on academic tests. These findings have sparked interest and debate about how to encourage a growth mindset in students both at home and at school. Now, a national study of tenth-graders in Chile found student mindsets are correlated to achievement on language and math tests. And students from low-income families were less likely to hold a growth mindset than their more affluent peers. However, if a low-income student did have a growth mindset, it worked as a buffer against the negative effects of poverty on achievement.”(more)

Rising Expectations in Brazil and Chile

Education Next – Gregory Elacqua and Fatima Alves

” Successful economic and social reforms over the last two decades have led to major improvements in the quality of life. Millions of Brazilians and Chileans have joined the middle class, and the percentage living in poverty has plummeted. The quality of public education has also improved substantially in both countries since 1990.”(more)

Teacher Quality, Status Entwined Among Top-Performing Nations

Education Week – Stephen Sawchuk

“The specific strategies deployed by these countries to raise the status of the profession have been filtered through their own political and cultural contexts, but several common themes stand out. They include a movement toward rigorous recruitment and training regimes, more competitive teacher salaries, and support systems to help teachers perfect their craft….In short, successful nations have made teaching a respected and supported profession, if perhaps not a lucrative one.”(more)

Chilean students demand referendum on education

The Huffington Post – Eva Vergara

“SANTIAGO, Chile — Student protesters who have snarled Chile’s universities and high schools with weeks of strikes and demonstrations called Monday for a national referendum on their demand for free and high-quality education. The students also want teachers to join them Tuesday in a nationwide strike, and plan to march again without police permission down the capital’s main avenue. When they marched last week, nearly 900 protesters were arrested.” (more)

Chile students on hunger strike to improve schools

News OK – Staff Writer

“Twenty students in Chile are on a hunger strike to support demands for improvements to the country’s education system. Spokeswoman Laura Ortiz says the hunger strike began at the start of the week with eight participants and has grown to 20. She says more are expected to join.” (more)