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Zhuyin sounds key to children learning Mandarin as a second language

The South China Morning Post – Anita Shum

“Parents often say their children don’t read enough, especially when they are learning Mandarin as a second language. Youngsters often find such bookwork too difficult beyond their mother tongues and their reading-level gap can widen to the point that some children might hold a “Harry Potter-level” book in one hand, and a “one sentence per page” Chinese book on the other – and still be unable to read all its characters independently.” (more)

UK students are slowly ditching French and German in favor of Spanish and Chinese

Quartz – Nikhil Sonnad

“For a Brit trying to decide which foreign language to learn, French has long been an obvious choice. France is just across the English Channel, the language is widely spoken, and it is influential on the world stage. But now, Brits are finally expanding their horizons beyond the languages of Europe, to China, the Arab world, and Latin America. While French remains the most-studied language among secondary school students in the UK, its popularity is falling dramatically. Spanish is risking along with non-European languages like Chinese and Arabic. The same trend is also happening in the US.” (more)

Self-improvement: Investments worth making to become a better business owner

Business Matters – Staff Writer

“While running a business may seem like a straightforward process, actually being a good business owner requires constant learning, a willingness to work twice as hard, and other qualities. The most successful business owners are those who continually improve themselves and people with the ability to adapt to changes quickly and effectively.” (more)

Learning Mandarin gives school leavers a career advantage

Relocate Magazine – Staff Writer

“In a survey of 1,000 senior business decision makers by YouGov for the British Council’s Mandarin Excellence Programme, more than three quarters of respondents said that speaking a high level of Mandarin would be beneficial to school pupils in their future careers.” (more)

Kuora: The many reasons for learning Chinese

Sup China – Kaiser Kuo

“When one sets out to learn a language, different considerations run through one’s head, and for just about all of those considerations, China ticks a box: How many people in the world speak this language? Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language, so in terms of the sheer number of people, Mandarin is an obvious choice.” (more)

Spending time in China is the best way for children to learn Mandarin

The South China Morning Post – Anita Shum

“There’s no better way to learn a language than to speak it, and there’s no better way to “make” you speak it than travelling to that country. To practise Mandarin, China is a preferred choice for most as it is the only official language, but you can choose other destinations such as Singapore, Taiwan and even Malaysia, where Mandarin is one of the official languages. Check beforehand whether your children will be learning simplified or traditional Chinese characters. Taiwan is the only one of the three that uses traditional characters, the others use simplified characters.” (more)