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What a Vision for Teaching the Whole Child Looks Like in Action

Ed Surge – Stephen Noonoo

“It’s one of the biggest buzzwords in education today: the whole child. Basically, it’s the idea that educating students is about more than what’s said in class. Factors like nutrition, home life and out-of-school relationships can all play a huge role in how kids learn—and it’s something more schools are starting to pay attention to.” (more)

3D Printing Highly Effective for Building Creative Skills in K–12 [#Infographic]

Ed Tech Magazine – Eli Zimmerman

“New research from Macquarie University’s Department of Educational Studies and education technology company Makers Empire finds 3D printing integration can boost creativity, critical thinking and design skills among primary school students. Researchers involved in the project, which took place between August 2017 to July 2018, saw increased levels of student engagement and educator confidence in the 24 classrooms that used the 3D modeling and printing applications.” (more)

Study: Design crucial to tween engagement in arts programs

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“Students reaching the upper-elementary and middle grades often become less interested in after-school programs, but a new study shows that offering high-quality arts programs that adhere to key principles — such as having a dedicated space for activities, working toward culminating events, and giving youth leadership roles in the program — can increase participation.” (more)

Strengthening Bonds Between Students

Edutopia – Jessica Hockett and Kristina Doubet

“All good teachers strive to build a sense of community in their classrooms, and they know from experience that creating and strengthening bonds between students isn’t a one-time event. In the real world and in school, fellowship and mutual respect among peers are fostered—or frayed—over days and months, not during the first week.” (more)