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Early Childhood High Quality Learning Environment Ideas

Education World – Dr. Tisha Shipley

“There are many types of early childhood environments. Think about the environments you have been in or built. As we plan for 2018, what can you do to make your environment better? All children deserve to learn and engage in a clean, safe and enjoyable area where they feel valued, engaged, appreciated and successful.”(more)

The Schoolhouse Network

Education Next – James P. Spillane and Matthew Shirrell

“The work of teaching is changing. For much of the 20th century, most teachers worked alone behind classroom doors, with little interaction with their colleagues. In recent years, however, teacher collaboration has emerged as an important strategy to drive improvement, informed by research showing how on-the-job interactions can boost teacher development and effectiveness. Schools across the United States are adjusting their professional cultures and workplace practices in response, creating formal opportunities for teachers to learn from one another and work together through shared planning periods, teacher leadership roles, and professional learning communities.”(more)

How Furniture and Flexible Seating Is Turning Classroom Design Into a Fad

Ed Surge – Robert Dillon

“Education eats good ideas. It boils down its best levers for change into cliches and shells of ideas. The complex is turned into checklists and clickbait. Modern classroom design is sitting on this precipice. As more teachers and leaders race for tables on wheels and bouncy chairs in the name of flexible seating, the heart of this transformational change is ripped out of our hands. What then happens is instead of designing classrooms that positively impact students, we are decorating classrooms, celebrating the new, and then moving on to the next shiny thing. Pinterest-pretty classrooms bring instant gratification, but little else.”(more)

Schools embrace nontraditional furniture

District Administration – Steven Wyman-Blackburn

“Teachers now promote physical movement almost as purposefully as they strive for mental leaps and bounds. Accordingly, some of the latest models of nontraditional furniture rolling into schools feature sit-stand desks, stackable stools with tiltable surfaces, adjustable tables and desks with bikes. Recent research shows standing burns more calories, increases heart rate, maintains healthy insulin levels and helps students focus.”(more)

5 Tips for Using Digital Games in Class

Edutopia – Chris Rozelle

“If you’ve ever caught yourself spending hours sorting digital playing cards, trying to avoid mines, or exploding pieces of candy on a screen, you know just how engaging digital games can be. When used in educational settings, digital games have the power to immerse students in a rich learning environment. Minecraft is one such game used by educators from kindergarten to higher education. It drops the player into an infinitely customizable world of blocks, animals, and monsters where players (and teachers) can set their own goals. And many students already play this game, which means teachers have the opportunity to transfer students’ skills into an academic context.”(more)