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Four Qualities of The Most Useful Apps For The Classroom

KQED News Mind/Shift – Alexis Arnold

“Smartphones and tablets have quickly become a permanent part of students’ daily lives. Kids up to 8 years old spent almost an hour a day on mobile devices, Common Sense Media reported last year. And the amount of time kids spend with screens only increases as they get older. On average, 13- to 18-year-olds spend about nine hours a day on entertainment media, much of which is on tablets and smart phones.” (more)

Celebrating positives improves classroom behavior and mental health

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Training teachers to focus their attention on positive conduct and to avoid jumping to correct minor disruption improves child behaviour, concentration and mental health. A study led by the University of Exeter Medical School, published in Psychological Medicine, analysed the success of a training programme called the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme. Its core principles include building strong social relationship between teachers and children, and ignoring low-level bad behaviour that often disrupts classrooms.” (more)

When form follows function in classroom design, the learning ramps up

Education Dive – Christina Vercelletto

“Studies show that active learning — group work, activities and discussions — increases student performance in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Architects and others who design learning environments can improve student performance by keeping knowledge about student learning — and flexibility — in mind, according to a piece in Building Construction and Design.” (more)

Seven Steps to a Language-Rich, Interactive Classroom

Language Magazine – Anna Matis

“When I received the keys to my classroom, the first thing I did was write “Bienvenue!” in huge letters across my board. I crafted a small faux living room in the back corner, complete with a bistro table, curtains, and a tall, slender lamp, all labeled in perfect French environmental print. French impressionism art prints lined the wall. Replicas of the Eiffel Tower, along with a photograph of me standing in front of the iconic beauty on my first trip to Paris, adorned the shelves.” (more)

25 things to try in your classroom next year

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“As schools across the country close for summer, teachers are, understandably, breathing a sigh of relief. But the learning doesn’t stop just because students leave classrooms. Summer is one of the most popular times for teachers to engage in professional learning. Without the daily demands of a classroom full of children, teachers can focus on instructional approaches they’d like to strengthen or can experiment with different digital resources or tools.” (more)

Designed for Engagement

Edutopia – Chad Flexon

“In 2016, I reconfigured a learning space at each of the two schools in the Harrison Township School District in New Jersey into a design studio to promote design thinking, engagement of students, and self-started learning opportunities. The goal was for homeroom teachers to utilize the spaces with their classrooms to do things they couldn’t accomplish in a traditional room. Thirty homeroom teachers at each building would share the spaces, and my colleague AnnaLisa Rodano and I assisted them with a modeled approach to using the spaces effectively.” (more)