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Two-Thirds of America’s Science Teachers Are Misinformed About Climate Science

Take Part – Taylor Hill

“A nationwide survey of 1,500 middle school and high school science teachers released Thursday found that nearly two-thirds of educators are not relying on scientifically sound information when teaching students about climate change. Researchers determined that teachers spend only about one or two hours over the course of the school year on climate change, and the information they give students is often contradictory or wrong.”(more)

Start Now, to Start the School Year Right – Arne Duncan

“In communities and homes all across the country, change is in the air, and families are thinking about back-to-school season. There are lots of ways to gear up for a great school year. Sometimes the whole neighborhood plays a part! For example, this past weekend, my hometown of Chicago hosted an 86-year tradition: the largest back-to-school parade in the country…But even if there’s no parade or back-to-school block party in your area, now is still a great time for parents and kids to start getting set for success in the classroom. Here are some things you can do now, and in the weeks ahead:”(more)

6 Ways the New ‘Student Aid Bill Of Rights’ Will Help Borrowers

Time – Kim Clark

“On Tuesday President Obama proposed some relief, but experts say more is needed. President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed a “student aid bill of rights” that offers about a half-dozen small but important improvements for the 40 million Americans who are dealing with student loans. While congressional action would be needed to make significant changes in the student loan program, President Obama has ordered the Department of Education to take steps by 2016 to make things simpler and easier for student borrowers.”(more)

Obama Wants Kids to Learn About Global Warming

U.S. News & World Report – Allie Bidwell

“The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on Wednesday announced it will launch a new initiative aimed at climate education and literacy that will distribute science-based information – in line with the administration’s position on the issue – to students, teachers and the broader public.”(more)