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Study: Teacher expertise increases students’ college success

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Teacher expertise in subject matter has a big influence on students’ postsecondary success, according to a new report. A University of Missouri researcher found that high school students who are taught by teachers who majored or minored in a specific teaching subject, instead of a general teaching degree, are more likely to graduate from college.” (more)

Modern students ‘prefer work to drugs’

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“Students are more likely to want universities to take a tougher line against drugs on campus, rather than a more liberal response, say researchers. The study – from the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) and the University of Buckingham – found 71% of students had not taken illegal drugs. But almost 40% thought their university had a “problem” with drug use. Hepi’s director, Nick Hillman, said students were “more hardworking and less hedonistic” than was realised.” (more)

Is STEM getting ‘IT’ right for female students?

E-School News – Richard Gerver

“March 8th was memorable for many reasons. Not only was it International Women’s Day, but Meghan Markle made one of her first official public appearances with her future husband, Prince Harry, at an event in Birmingham, England. Significantly, the event was organized by the STEMettes, an award-winning social enterprise working across the U.K. and Ireland to inspire young women to pursue STEM careers.” (more)

Republicans, Democrats Disagree About The Point Of Higher Education

Forbes – Preston Cooper

“The think tank New America has a new report out on Americans’ perceptions of higher education. Researchers Ernest Ezeugo, Rachel Fishman, and Sophie Nguyen conducted a survey of American adults in partnership with polling firm Ipsos that solicited respondents’ views on the value and purpose of college. The report broke down survey results by political party, providing some fascinating insights at a time of high political polarization.” (more)

Twitter poll: College costs are chief source of worry for parents

USA Today – Jessica Levy

“Across the country, most high school seniors have decided where they’ll spend their first years as adults, but they’re still deciding how they’ll pay for it. The excitement of choosing a college can wear off quickly once families take a closer look at the price tag of a four-year education. In a recent USA Today poll conducted via Twitter with over 35,000 respondents, 60% said that they worry about college expenses more than any other aspect of their child going away to college.” (more)