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More student borrowers may be eligible to cancel federal student loans than have applied for relief

Ed Source – Solomon Moore

“The large number of California students who attended for-profit colleges at the time of their closure suggests many more may be eligible for student loan debt relief than have applied under the federal government’s current policy, an EdSource analysis shows. The process for student borrowers to cancel their federal education loan debts was created amid a series of lawsuits against Corinthian Colleges Inc. that forced the California-based for-profit college chain into bankruptcy and closure in 2015.” (more)

Students See Anxiety and Time Management Among Top Challenges to Finishing Degrees

Ed Surge – Tina Nazerian

“For many of today’s students, the biggest obstacles to finishing college are logistical and emotional, not academic. According to a new survey released by Civitas Learning in partnership with the Center for Generational Kinetics, students view the top challenges to completing their degrees are anxiety (35 percent of respondents) and time management (36 percent of respondents). Other factors included working too many hours (24 percent of respondents) and feeling overwhelmed with managing responsibilities (31 percent of respondents).” (more)

FAFSA Completion Rates Matter: But Mind the Data

Education Next – Richard V. Reeves and Katherine Guyot

“FAFSA season has just ended — the final deadline to fill out the 2018-19 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was June 30. This year, as every year, many students who are eligible for aid will have failed to complete the form. [1] This means many miss out on financial aid, which can have a serious impact on postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and completion. [2] As many as one in seven students eligible for financial aid who enroll in college do not complete the FAFSA. [3]” (more)

Challenging the conventional wisdom on calculus

Science Daily – Sarah Gonser

“Calculus. The word alone is enough strike terror into the hearts of even the most accomplished students, but for those who break out in cold sweats at the thought of differentiation rules and integral tables, Philip Sadler and Gerhard Sonnert are here to offer some hope.” (more)

Commentary: Up to 20 Percent of High School Students Plan to Go to College but Don’t Show Up. How Parents, Counselors, and Schools Can Help Stop Summer Melt

The 74 Million – Melissa Fries

“I’ve seen it countless times: A high school senior dreams of going to college, gets good grades, takes and retakes the SATs, solicits letters of recommendations, writes and rewrites essays, fills out the FAFSA, gets accepted — but then, during the summer, one small thing goes wrong. It could be something as simple as not submitting final transcripts or test scores. But the offer of acceptance is rescinded.” (more)

Piggybacking on good credit: Things to consider before co-signing a student loan

USA Today – Carmen Reinicke

“You’ve watched your children or relatives celebrate college graduation, move to new cities and start first jobs. You might be settling into life with an empty nest, or simply enjoying one less person in the house. That is, until your child brings up student loan refinancing and asks if you will help by co-signing.” (more)