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The fallout from the alleged college admissions scam is just beginning

CNN – Madeline Holcomb

“Stunning details continue to emerge in an alleged multi-million-dollar bribery plot that, just a day after exploding into public view, has exposed what federal prosecutors describe as a corrupt exchange of wealth, fame and influence for admissions to the nation’s most elite universities.” (more)

Scores Show 850,000 High School Juniors Are Ready for College. Starting Early Could Save Them Time — and Money. New Report Asks: Why Make Them Wait?

The 74 Million – Kate Stringer

“It isn’t news that some students are academically ready for college before high school graduation. But it might be a surprise to know that nearly 1 in 4 11th-graders meet this benchmark at the end of the school year, according to results from the ACT that measure college readiness. Should those students head off to college without having a senior year? Yes and no, a new report from Education Reform Now and the Alliance for Excellent Education argues. The report makes the case that there should be better pathways for these nearly 850,000 students — one-third of whom come from low-income households — to begin college coursework but still remain in high school, if they choose, and possibly save time and tuition money.” (more)

Some colleges start using their long winter breaks to help students plan for jobs

The Hechinger Report – Jon Marcus

“Using winter break for this is among the ways some colleges, especially those that focus on the liberal arts, are responding to demands that they provide more practical career advising. It’s also an attempt to improve graduates’ placement rates and salaries, on which the schools are increasingly judged.” (more)

Texting Nudges Harm Degree Completion

Education Next – Jay P. Greene

“When behavioral nudges using text messages became the flavor of the month a few years ago I expressed some serious reservations. In general, I was concerned that nudges substitute the preferences of distant experts for those of people who may understand their own situation better, thereby pushing people to do things against their better judgement. These interventions may appear successful in the short run, especially when we examine near-term outcomes that are over-aligned with the intervention, but they may harm people over the long run.” (more)

10 years later, goal of getting more Americans through college is way behind schedule

The Hechinger Report – Jon Marcus

“When then-President Barack Obama stood before a friendly and enthusiastic crowd at Macomb Community College, near Detroit, 10 years ago this year, the goals he set out were — as the president himself said — historic. Within a decade, he said on that day in 2009, community colleges like Macomb would collectively boost their number of graduates by five million. That would help return the United States to first in the world in the proportion of its population with the credentials needed to sustain an economy increasingly dependent on highly educated workers.” (more)

4 keys to supporting college and career readiness

E-School News – Michael Ballone and Michael Bowman

“Preparing students for college and a career is the mission of every public K-12 school system, and this work begins by establishing a strong foundation for success in the early grades. At Marlboro Township (NJ) Public Schools, a K-8 district, we are doing several things to ensure that our students are on a path to college and career readiness before they move on to high school. Our efforts seem to be paying off, as all of our elementary and middle schools are rated by the state as either “shows progress” or “excels” in terms of reading and math achievement. Moreover, we have the largest number of students in our area who are accepted into highly competitive vocational schools.” (more)