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Over half of pupils receive no financial education in school or college, research suggests

The Telegraph – Ella Turner

“The majority of young people do not receive any financial education in school or college, despite the subject now being compulsory. New research from The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) showed that 58 per cent of students aged between 15 and 18 did not receive any form of financial education. From September 2013, teaching financial education in secondary schools became mandatory following national campaigns.”(more)

It’s going to cost taxpayers $108 billion to help student loan borrowers

The Washington Post – Danielle Douglas-Gabriel

“The price tag on a popular student loan repayment program is far larger than Education Department estimates, the Government Accountability Office said Wednesday. The GAO pegged the true cost at about $108 billion and called the Education Department’s accounting unreliable.”(more)

Teach your children to THINK

News Herald – Juliann Talkington


Efforts to control the minds of children are at an all-time high. Most kids spend a lot of time learning “what to think” and very little time learning “how to think”. As a result, parents need to take a proactive role to make sure their children are not manipulated.

Mind control has been an issue since the beginning of human existence. The difference today is a new communication medium, the Internet. At first it was a relatively unbiased source of information. As it has matured, governments and companies have learned to control it.

Now Internet searches are based on the preferences of the owners and employees of the search engine companies and paid advertisers. In addition, social media companies have started censoring dialog. Twitter and Facebook recently deleted accounts from people who were promoting ideas that were not popular with company management. While most people do not agree with the viewpoints presented in these accounts, it does not mean it is wise to remove these dissenting voices. If companies can cut these accounts, what prevents them from cutting other accounts when it is political expedient?

History is written by the winners and is often sanitized to support specific political agendas. As a result, school history is generally far from reality. The problem is compounded because standard textbooks are rarely complemented with materials that include opposing viewpoints.

In addition, journalists and writers have prejudices that are based on upbringing, education, and access to information which means most news stories have a significant slant.

In higher education, professors tend to promote similar perspectives, because the tenure and publication system discourages alternative thought. This uniformity of ideas is dangerous, because it can lead to myopia. Some people argue that theories having to do with manmade climate change, technical capabilities of ancient civilizations, and brain differences between genders have not been properly vetted because of this bias.

Fortunately, it is possible for parents to circumvent the mind control efforts. First kids need to learn discipline. Then they need to be taught how to research, respectfully question conventional thinking, and present alternative viewpoints. After that it is important for parents to make sure schools are using textbooks and supporting materials that cover subjects from a variety of perspectives.

Finally, it is imperative for families to discuss classroom topics at home. This way parents can expose their children to viewpoints they may not be hearing at school.

California students outpace U.S. average in pursuit of STEM study and careers

Ed Source – Pat Maio

“A new report from ACT, the Iowa-based college admissions testing company, has mixed results for California, showing that the state’s 2016 high school graduates had greater interest in pursuing STEM-related college majors or career opportunities than the national average but minimal interest in teaching the subjects. The ACT report, “The Condition of STEM 2016,” found that 53 percent of graduates in California expressed an interest in STEM majors or careers, compared with about 48 percent nationally.”(more)

Critical languages are vital for internationalisation

University World News – Lauren Kardos

The United States needs to encourage more students to take up critical languages. This could benefit individual students, but could also help the US develop a more culturally sensitive and globally minded populace. Study abroad in the United States is promoted to students as a way to obtain international experience, enhance career prospects and grow in the workplace. Especially during these short-term and long-term opportunities, learning a second language is encouraged as a way to become competitive in the global workforce.”(more)

A huge and stubborn reason, still unsolved, that students go into so much debt

The Hechinger Report – Jon Marcus

“Some policymakers also can’t believe that universities and colleges still haven’t worked out a way of accepting each others’ credits, a problem the National College Transfer Center estimates wastes $6 billion a year in tuition and is a little-noticed but major reason students go deep into debt or never graduate.”(more)