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Why reading aloud is a vital bridge to literacy

The Guardian – Michael Rosen

“I was very lucky to have been brought up in a household where my older brother and my father read out loud to me as a teenager. It was a form of conversation or entertainment. They were “hey-listen-to-this” moments, taking in Dickens, Hardy, Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, the Molesworth books, newspapers, magazines, Konrad Lorenz’s science books, Alan Moorehead’s accounts of exploration and any random passage from their studies. Come to think of it, my father didn’t stop! In his 70s, when I was in my 40s, my father still read me the stories he wrote about his childhood. His intonation, his pronunciation of Yiddish, our cackling at his jokes live on.” (more)

Teaching Communication Skills

Edutopia – Alice Stott

“Picture a great speaker—a famous politician, maybe, or a poet or performer. Maybe you’re thinking of someone speaking to an audience in a high-stakes scenario. Most of the talk that happens in your classroom does not look like this. In small group or whole class discussions, students are more concerned with learning than with audience: Their talking is exploratory rather than presentational.” (more)

Teaching students that communication is a two-way street

Education Dive – Helen Lee Bouygues

“Dr. Stephens hopes students who take her Organizational Communication courses learn questioning and listening skills. “I want to teach my students that having a communication background can help them navigate just about any organizational situation,” Dr. Stephens explained. “Things are not laid out cleanly for them, and they’re going to have to use their asking and answering skills. And it’s my hope that it empowers them to be good at no matter what they choose to do.” In the course, Courtney developed her listening skills. “Listening is even more important than getting your message out because it enables you to really tailor and customize your message,” Courtney said.” (more)

Column: Why you should invest in learning a foreign language

Maneater – Kyleigh Polston

“Communication and strong relationships with others shouldn’t be just another class to cross off your list of requirements — it should be worth putting your efforts into learning a new language. These days, employers are becoming more and more inclined to hire workers that can speak multiple languages. It could be the deciding factor between two otherwise equally skilled individuals. ” (more)

Music improves social communication in autistic children

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Engaging in musical activities such as singing and playing instruments in one-on-one therapy can improve autistic children’s social communication skills, improve their family’s quality of life, as well as increase brain connectivity in key networks, according to researchers at Université de Montréal and McGill University. ” (more)