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In 2018, 44 states hold computer science education policies, new study finds

State Scoop – Colin Wood

“In 2013, just 14 states and Washington D.C. had one or more computer science education policy in place. In 2018, that figure has risen to 44 states. That’s a key finding of a report published this week by, a Seattle-based nonprofit focused on increasing availability of computer science education, particularly for underrepresented groups, such as female, black and Hispanic students.” (more)

K–12 Schools Work to Incorporate Computer Science into Curriculums

Ed Tech Magazine – Eli Zimmerman

“Forecasts report that computer science skills will be essential for the future workforce, creating a need for K–12 experts to work harder to incorporate such lessons into the curriculum. According to the App Association, there will be approximately 1 million unfilled computing jobs in 2024. Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that number could be reached by 2020. These findings have put a fire underneath educators and K–12 organizations to refocus efforts to teach computer science skills.” (more)

The 2 stages of successful early STEM education revisited

E-School News – Kristen Fudale

“I have been in education for 18 years and my strongest belief is that all children deserve a fresh start when they begin each school year. My classroom is a safe environment where students feel it’s acceptable to try, even if they’re not going to be successful the first time–and that certainly applies to STEM education.” (more)

Female, minority students took AP computer science in record numbers

USA Today – Ryan Suppe

“Female, black and Latino students took Advanced Placement computer science courses in record numbers, and rural student participation surged this year, as the College Board attracted more students to an introductory course designed to expand who has access to sought-after tech skills.” (more)

Opinion: If the U.S. Wants to Protect Itself Against Cyber Warfare, It Must Invest Big in K-12 Computer Science

The 74 Million – Andrew Lewis

“A yearly rite of passage for state lawmakers across the United States is creating an annual budget, and as sure as the sun will rise and set, there will be debate about K-12 expenditures. Go to any state capitol building and you will hear arguments over whether the state is spending too much or too little to properly educate its public school students.” (more)