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As More Parents Expect Students to Pay for College Costs, Need for Financial Literacy Grows

Education World – Nicole Gorman

“A fifth annual survey from Discover Student Loans reveals that parents are increasingly expecting their children to take financial ownership of higher education costs…Danny Ray, president of Discover Student Loans notes…“With an increase in responsibility comes the need to be prepared, and we encourage families to have discussions early and often on how to pay for college,” he said. This also brings into discussion the need for financial literacy education in America’s classrooms. Because most states do not require that financial literacy be taught in schools, most students never have the option to learn money management skills and financial responsibility before taking out their first student loans…Young adults are aware that they could benefit from financial literacy courses. Last week, a survey from the National Financial Educators Conference found that above any other subject, students think that a money management course would be the most beneficial to their lives.”(more)

Report: Financial Struggles in Community College Go Beyond Tuition

Education News – Raymond Scott

“Those who enroll in community colleges often do so in the hope of receiving an affordable education. There is a growing body of research, however, that suggests low tuition is too often misunderstood as low total cost. In other words, it requires much more for students to stay in college rather than just a low-tuition. Indeed, tuition composes only 20% of community college students’ total costs nationally…Beyond tuition, basic needs such as such as housing and food are part of the cost of a college education, and students need to cover the costs of transportation, textbooks, and supplies to attend class and study. Moreover, these financial obligations do not include unanticipated costs…The report illustrates that even at the lowest tuition colleges, students cannot afford the costs required to obtain a college education.”(more)

5 Ways Parents Hurt Their Kids’ Chances For A Scholarship

The Huffington Post – Ann Brenoff

“With college applications submitted and decisions trickling in, most parents are now focused on the scholarship phase — how to actually pay for things. A H/T to Tyler Hakes, marketing director of CollegeRaptor, for these tips on what some parents may be doing wrong.”(more)

Why the price tag of a college degree continues to rise

The Washington Post – Jeffrey J. Selingo

“Why does college cost so much? It’s a question parents, students, and politicians often ask and the answer is often elusive. There is much speculation about what is exactly to blame for college costs that tick up more and more every year above the rate of inflation and well above lagging family incomes. You’ve probably heard about a lot of reasons for the price surge: tenured professors, climbing walls, luxury dorms, too many administrators, overpaid presidents. But it’s almost impossible to isolate one or two causes…every year, researchers at the Delta Cost Project, which is run by the American Institutes for Research, attempt to make sense of higher education spending by explaining in detailed reports where the money to pay for college comes from and where it’s spent. Its latest report was released this month. Here are two key reasons its researchers said colleges costs continue to rise even in an era of low inflation:”(more)

BASF taking innovation where markets are

China Daily- Zhu Wenqian

“BASF director says the firm is coasting on its long history with China to industrial glory
BASF SE’s association with China goes back all the way to 1885. Over the last 130 years, the Ludwigshafen, Germany-headquartered 150-year-old multinational, which deals mainly in chemicals, plastics, performance products, crop protection products, petrochemicals, nutrition and health products, oil and gas, has made China key to its growth and evolution.
Sanjeev Gandhi, 49, one of BASF’s executive directors, now heads the company’s operations in Greater China and Asia Pacific. A BASF veteran, Gandhi has risen through the ranks over 22 years to reach the Board of Executive Directors.”(more)

PM denies Gonski-style education funding off the table for 2018

News Corp Australia Network- KARA VICKERY

“PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull says now is not the time for a “political stoush” over education funding, in the wake of claims his government is backing away from Labor’s Gonski plan.Responding to a Fairfax report, Mr Turnbull said education funding post 2017 was “still a matter for discussion between the Federal Government and the states”.The report, based on an interview with the Education Minister, was also hosed down by Mr Birmingham in a statement released on Tuesday morning.“This is not a time for a political stoush about this,” Mr Turnbull said.”(more)