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Most literate nation in the world? Not the U.S., new ranking says.

The Washington Post – Valerie Strauss

“A new world ranking of countries and their literacy rates puts the United States at 7th. Who’s No. 1? Finland. The study, conducted by John W. Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Conn., analyzes trends in literate behavior and literacy in more than 60 countries. It found that Nordic countries are among the most literate in the world but countries in the Western Hemisphere didn’t do well…In a statement, he said: “The factors we examined present a complex and nuanced portrait of a nation’s cultural vitality, and what the rankings strongly suggest and world literacy demonstrates is that these kinds of literate behaviors are critical to the success of individuals and nations in the knowledge-based economics that define our global future.”…Here are the rankings:”(more)

Innovate or perish: What Turnbull’s statement means for Australian research

OPINION- Alan Duffy

“In science, there is a motto, “publish or perish”, which is a reflection of how we define success – simply the number of papers you publish in high quality journals. If you don’t publish enough, then you will struggle to find research funds.After today, perhaps science has a new one, “innovate or perish”, a motto that could be shared with the nation as a whole.As announced in the Turnbull Government’s innovation statement, the metrics by which researchers will be judged (and ultimately universities funded) are to be broadened to include engagement impact, where research activities will also take into account those efforts to work with industry and ultimately commercialise discoveries.”(more)

Innovation is a spirit

BAIDU WENKU – VioletYolanda

“Innovation is a spirit. Leaders can change the spirit of a country and this can be done especially in China……The western world is phasing out innovation and moving to services. Countries cannot survive on services unless they are rich in natural resources. And countries that sell natural resources often become dependent on it.”(more)