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Why design thinking isn’t just for techies

E-School News – Laura Guevara

“Schools often assume that design thinking is a “techie thing” and send their edtech coordinators and directors to design-thinking workshops. Although design thinking has been adopted widely by the tech industry, its approach can be applied by any organization that wants to adopt a way to solve problems empathetically and collaboratively. In schools, design thinking complements inquiry- and project-based approaches to teaching and learning.” (more)

8 Truths About Teaching Writing to Middle Schoolers

Edutopia – Ryan Tahmaseb

“There’s something extraordinary about middle school writers. Maybe it’s the tension of existing between childhood and adulthood and their ability to articulate this tension. Maybe it’s their fully intact imaginations and natural inclination to creatively express themselves. Whatever it is, they’re capable of astounding us and each other if we teach them well.” (more)

Here’s how to foster creative problem solving

E-School News – Sharif Karmally

“Last year, Adobe conducted a study of Generation Z students (ages 11-17) that found students and teachers believe creativity is critical for success in the future workforce. Based on this insight, we conducted another study this year to dig into this notion of creative problem solving: What does it mean, what are the sub-skills, and what are the gaps and barriers that exist? We discovered a disconnect between the needs of tomorrow’s workforce and what students are learning in the classroom today.” (more)

Why creative thinking might be our strongest asset

E-School News – Michael Cohen

“Developing a creative mindset is more important than ever before, not just for our students, but for educators as well. The advancement of technology, the connectedness of society, and the innovations that are taking place on a regular basis all point to creative thinking as a key asset in the digital age.” (more)

4 Ways to Help Student Writers Improve

Edutopia – Beth Pandolpho

“As teachers, we often bemoan the fact that “students can’t write anymore” and blame it on everything from texting and social media to the lack of grammar instruction and absence of vocabulary books. The truth is probably closer to the sentiment of David Labaree: “Learning to write is extraordinarily difficult, and teaching people how to write is just as hard.” Teaching writing is a process—over time and with the right guidance and support our students can grow into better writers.” (more)

Designing a school for next-century learning

E-School News – W. Tyler Whitehead

“Sartell-St. Stephen Independent School District, located in central Minnesota, is one of many school districts across the country that recognized a need to dramatically evolve traditional classrooms to create a variety of specialized and flexible learning environments to meet the needs of next-century learners.” (more)