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New Studies Show Benefits of Arts-Focused Field Trips

Education Next – Jay P. Greene

“Lost in the shuffle of that busy week, some graduate students and I released two new studies of the medium-term effects of students receiving multiple arts-focused field trips to the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. We randomly assigned school groups to a treatment that involved three field trips per year to visit an art museum, see live theater, and listen to the symphony, or to a control condition. Among the treated students, some received 3 experiences over 1 year and some received 6 experiences over 2 years.” (more)

Is Creativity a Skill?

Ed Surge – Tony Wan

“Are you creative? How would you know, or convince your boss? According to a new LinkedIn analysis of member profiles, creativity tops the chart of soft skills that employers are looking for. A skill is loosely defined as the ability to do something well. The word traces back to Old Norse for “power of discernment.” In the early 13th century, the word was also used to describe one’s “sense of ability, cleverness.” Skills can also be taught, improved, measured and defined—and be done with some consistency and reliability.” (more)

4 Ways to Develop Creativity in Students

Edutopia – Ben Johnson

“Creativity is the most difficult thinking skill to acquire, and also the most sought-after. We value it in our music, entertainment, technology, and other aspects of our existence. We appreciate and yearn for it because it enriches our understanding and can make life easier.” (more)

Future graduates will need creativity and empathy – not just technical skills

The Guardian – Natalie Brett

“Rapidly advancing technology, including automation and AI and its impact on education, skills and learning in the UK, is a subject of much debate for universities. How can institutions equip students with the skills they need to succeed in a changing jobs market? It’s a valid question, though often the answers are the problem.” (more)

The Greatest Enemy of Creativity in Schools Isn’t Testing. It’s Time.

Ed Surge – Stephen Noonoo

“Creativity is one of those ineffable skills that’s important—especially for jobs of the future—but hard to pin down. We know when we feel creative, and we know what creative work looks like. Measuring and assessing such work in a way that keeps kids inspired is another matter, though, and schools aren’t known for being good at it. For years, personalities like Sir Ken Robinson have taken education systems to task for actually testing the creativity out of students. Author and educator Katie White, who’s something of an expert on the creative process, may have a practical solution.” (more)

Getting Creative About Critical Writing

Edutopia – Michael Miller

“In middle school, students begin to write fewer poems, plays, and short stories. By the time they reach their senior year of high school, they’re writing nonfiction prose almost exclusively.” (more)