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Guiding Students to Apply What They Learn

Edutopia – Emma Chiappetta

“My school has been encouraging the use of project-based learning (PBL) for many years, but the math department—which I’m part of—was very slow to adopt it. I bought into myths about PBL—that it takes too long, that it’s hard to assess, etc. I wasn’t opposed to all innovations: I flipped my classroom. I allowed my students to move at their own pace. I was the first in my school to adopt a competency-based approach in my class.” (more)

Getting Creative About Critical Writing

Edutopia – Michael Miller

“In middle school, students begin to write fewer poems, plays, and short stories. By the time they reach their senior year of high school, they’re writing nonfiction prose almost exclusively.” (more)

Using Folktales to Teach Logical Reasoning

Edutopia – Nicole Gutnayer

“Logical reasoning is more than interpreting patterns, number sequences, and the relationships between shapes in math—it can also be successfully integrated into language arts. The underlying skill of divergent thinking can be developed in young students through the process of writing a creative pourquoi—a folktale that explains how or why something came to be.” (more)

K–12 Schools Should Teach Soft Skills to Prepare Students for the Future Workforce

Ed Tech Magazine – Joe McAllister

“While digital tools are woven into educational pedagogy nationwide, another component of learning may help educators give students advantages in a world not yet known to them. A 2017 Report by Dell Technologies estimates that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 — fewer than 12 years from now — haven’t been invented yet.” (more)

3 ways to better assess soft skills

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Eighty-three percent of teachers, 82 percent of parents, 82 percent of superintendents, and 83 percent of principals say it is equally important to assess both academic skills and nonacademic skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity, according to a new report commissioned by NWEA and conducted by Gallup.” (more)