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WIWYK: learning new languages broadens perspectives

The Alestle – Madison Lammert

“Many think learning one language is hard enough, but junior computer science major Ahmad Masalha, of Dabburiya, Israel, knows seven. Masalha said he wishes more people knew multiple languages so they could all practice new languages together.” (more)

These are the benefits of learning a second language

The World Economic Forum – Sean Fleming

“There are many advantages to learning a second language. Some are fairly obvious. If you find yourself lost in a foreign country, being able to express yourself clearly could help lead you to your destination. Similarly, if your job requires you to travel you may find it easier to vault language and cultural barriers. But there are other benefits that are not so immediately apparent. For example, learning another language could improve your all-round cognitive ability. It could help hone your soft skills, and even increase your mastery of your mother tongue, too.” (more)

Learning languages is about more than vocabulary tests – it gives you insight into a culture beyond your own Read more at: languages is about more than vocabulary tests – it gives you insight into a culture beyond your own

i News – Gwen Smith

“Quelle horreur! Half of sixth forms have been forced to scrap A-levels in modern languages because of “inadequate” funding, according to a poll this week by the Sixth Form Colleges Association. Spanish, German and French, which is one of my old subjects, have been hardest hit. Now, my schoolgirl self may have declared this news magnifique, particularly if there was a fiendish grammar test on the horizon. (I’m still scarred, Madame Barton.) But now that my world view encompasses slightly more than the next exam, the news has left me extremely triste. It’s both an academic tragedy and a funding travesty, because learning a language is about far more than memorising verbs.” (more)

3 lessons from students about improving school culture

E-School News – Stacey Pusey

” Educators cannot make school culture better by telling students what to do and how to act. This does nothing to create honest connections among students. At Vestavia, their first step was to give students opportunities to connect, to provide them with a place to meet, and to encourage the connections. The core issues were kindness and acceptance, and the students needed to take the lead in creating a welcoming culture so they would feel ownership of the program.” (more)

Branching out into the world of languages is beneficial for everyone

Mill Valley News – Izzy James

“Learning a different language can help you in the future. When your application tells possible employers that you can speak another language, it will make you stick out in their mind. The possibility of a larger salary is another perk of taking a foreign language. MIT economist, Albert Saiz, found that there is a 2% salary premium for American college graduates who can speak a second language versus those who can’t.” (more)

Passport to Tolerance

Edutopia – Don Vu

“Crimes against people of color continue to appear in the news, and the ugly truth is that the number of hate crimes in large cities increased for four straight years since 2014, according to the FBI. Hate, racism, and prejudice can take a toll, a psychological toll, on those who face these attitudes, and they impact all of us in schools. The good news is that educators can do something about this in our schools. If there’s any place in America where we can create change for a better society, it’s our schools—no other institution has their reach as every member of society (aside from kids who are homeschooled) is educated through schools. So what are things that we can do to combat racial prejudice and promote understanding in a multicultural society?” (more)