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Biggest Language Learning Myths You Should Stop Believing

The Huffington Post – Ryan McMunn

“A majority of Americans don’t speak a second language mainly for two reasons: language education in the U.S. has limited government funding, and people think that being bilingual has no use because English is the universal language. As a result, in spite of overwhelming research on the personal and career benefits of learning a second language, many young Americans are made to believe that they already have sufficient skills to thrive in a global marketplace.”(more)

Can Kindness Be Taught?


“Thanks to a challenge from the Dalai Lama, a number of preschools are trying to teach something that has not always been considered an academic subject: kindness. “Can you look inside yourself and tell me what you’re feeling?” Danielle Mahoney-Kertes asked a class of prekindergarten students at P.S. 212 in Queens recently. “Happy,” one girl offered. “Sick,” said another. A boy in a blue T-shirt gave a shy thumbs down. “That happens too,” Ms. Mahoney-Kertes, a literacy coach, reassured him.”(more)

What does Texas need to do to get its students ready for the world?

The Dallas Morning News – Eva-Marie Ayala

“State officials say they want engaged families, quality teachers and better access to opportunities for all students. But how does Texas get there? The State Board of Education has kicked off work to build Texas’ next long-range plan for public schools, which officials hope will be the blueprint that drives future policy decisions and even legislation. Texans who are gathering at a series of public forums on the plan agree, but they’re adamant that they want a plan with teeth, too, to make sure kids are ready for life after high school, whether that be in college or a career.”(more)

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Here are a few things to consider

The Seattle Times – Paige Cornwell

“With school sign-up time approaching, this is the time of year many parents have to ask a tricky question: Is my child ready for kindergarten? And if the answer is no, they wonder whether to “redshirt” the child — a term borrowed from sports that means holding kids out of school for a year to give them more time to grow academically, physically or socially. “It’s a perennial question for parents,” said Kristen Missall, associate professor at the University of Washington College of Education. “It’s one of the questions I get the most.” In Washington, students must be 5 years old on or before Aug. 31 to enroll in kindergarten. But state law doesn’t require that students enroll in school until they’re 8, so parents can keep them at home or in child-care programs for an additional year — or more.”(more)

Secret Teacher: my school won’t let students fail – so how will they learn?

The Guardian – Staff Writer

“Much of this pressure can be traced back to the introduction of performance-related pay and targets. My school wants us to do everything in our power to prevent a student from failing – whether that’s having them back after lessons or after school to improve or redo minor class assessments. This makes sense, to an extent. As teachers, our job is to help students reach their potential. If they fail to do this, we need to make the time to help them so they don’t make the same mistake again. But this just isn’t what happens.”(more)

Intervention offered in school readiness program boosts children’s self-regulation skills

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Self-regulation skills — the skills that help children pay attention, follow directions, stay on task and persist through difficulty — are critical to a child’s success in kindergarten and beyond. The intervention, co-developed and tested by OSU’s Megan McClelland, a nationally-recognized expert in child development, uses music and games to help preschoolers learn and practice self-regulation skills.”(more)