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Antiquated Or Integral? Ohio Students May Soon Have To Learn Cursive

The Huffington Post – David Barden

“Could cursive be making a comeback? Students in Ohio may be required to learn the craft after the state’s senate passed House Bill 58 last Thursday. The bill, according to local NBC affiliate WCMH-TV, would allocate resources to schools allowing for the development and implementation of a curriculum to teach cursive handwriting.” (more)

The Importance of STEAM-Based Curriculum

Business Insider – Staff Writer

“Children’s Learning Adventure enables students to discover their true potential through STEAM-based learning. They encourage their students to take an innovative approach to learning with a wide variety of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics activities. This supports students with the development of both their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. As students engage in daily exposure to STEAM-based learning, Children’s Learning Adventure supports and enhances every child’s opportunity for success and the ability to apply newly learned skills while developing in all academic areas.” (more)

What Is Missing From Our Curricula?

Ed Surge – Katrina Stevens and Matt Greenfield

“As Atul Gawande, a surgeon and New Yorker writer, walked by his hospital’s newest construction project, he wondered how something so large and complex could possibly be managed. He had once constructed a bookcase that instantly fell apart. If a structurally sound bookshelf already proved hard to build, how can one ever manage the construction of a modern high-rise building with its intricate and interlocking web of requirements for structural support, safety, disaster preparation and project management, to name only a few of the complexities?” (more)

STEAM spreads to subjects from Spanish to business

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

” Teaching both Spanish and STEAM at Riverview Junior Senior High School in Oakmont, Penn., Rachelle Dene Poth launched the latter efforts to help students learn about emerging technology. Yet even her language students make use of her skill set, designing virtual reality experiences around vocabulary words, making use of the technology to enhance their own language learning during the last school year.” (more)

20 ideas for teaching coding in math, science, social studies, and ELA

E-School News – Tammy Panckey

“You might think coding is a novel trend that doesn’t have other applications beyond programming, but coding offers many connections to multiple subjects, with the added benefit of reinforcing essential 21st-century skills. In coding, students use computational thinking and critical thinking to solve problems. This involves mastering the skill of perseverance, as they must be willing to fail, troubleshoot, and try again in order to have the code execute what was intended. Through this process, students are recognizing errors and determining how to fix them.” (more)