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Friday, January 23, 2015

STEAM is the direction to head

Elkin Tribune – Staff Writer

“Elkin City Schools’ focus on preparing every child in grades pre-kindergarten through 12the grade with a STEAM-infused educational experience parallels the programming trends of some of the cutting edge educational programs and institutions in America…Kemi Jona, professor of learning sciences and computer science at Northwestern University, noted that Design Thinking and STEAM were at the top of her list. “In 2015, we will see a growing movement to incorporate design thinking and STEAM (integrating arts and design into STEM) into the curriculum. Districts and schools will launch efforts both large and small, from simple design projects in early elementary to after-school and summer school offerings. Visionary schools will transform their career and technical education programs into STEAM labs.”(more)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015: The Year of Curriculum- Based Reform?

Education Next – Robert Pondiscio

“You may have missed it over the holidays, but NPR ran a fascinating profile of Jason Zimba, one of the primary architects of the Common Core math standards. The piece, by the Hechinger Report’s Sarah Garland, an exceptionally thoughtful education reporter, traces Zimba’s career from Rhodes scholar and David Coleman’s business partner to “obscure physics professor at Bennington College” and unlikely standards bearer for the math standards that he had so much to do with creating.”(more)

Friday, January 16, 2015

100 Schools to Pilot Core Curriculum for the Arts

NPQ – Shafaq Hasan

“Time and again, studies have shown the importance of integrating arts into the curriculums of grade schools. From helping to improve graduation rates to increasing literacy rates and helping the learning process, the arts serve multiple functions with a number of benefits when properly invested in our educational system. In an attempt to focus attention on the arts, next month, 100 elementary and middle schools will pilot a new national arts standards education project as an edit to the Common Core standards already in place. Eventually, the standards will be expanded to high schools by 2016.”(more)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clearing Up the Curriculum-Standards Confusion

Education Week – Liana Heitin

“If, in rounding out 2014, you’re still finding yourself a bit fuzzy on the difference between the common-core standards and curriculum, two recent NPR pieces might offer some clarity…William McCallum, another lead writer for the common-core math standards, put it well when I interviewed him in November: “Standards are just expectations for what we want students to know and understand and be able to do … . Curriculum is how you get them there.””(more)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nicky Morgan: lessons in character ‘just as important’ as academic grades

The Telegraph – Graeme Paton

” Lessons to build pupils’ “character” are being put on par with academic subjects under government plans to ensure children are properly prepared for life in modern Britain.”(more)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seeds of learning: School uses garden to teach valuable lessons – Elizabeth Roberts

“A growing national movement incorporating gardening into the curriculum — and curriculum into the garden — is something of a passion for Principal Connor Sloan…Using the garden as a living classroom can do everything from broadening a student’s ability to connect the cycles and systems of nature to the sources of food to the nutritional connections between water and soil…It really helps infuse the process of inquiry, of asking questions, digging deeper…Studies have found that integrating gardening into the school day can boost test scores and student behavior.”(more)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From High School To High Tech: Bridging The Talent Gap In The Innovation Economy

Forbes – Rebecca O. Bagley

“Much innovation today is taking place behind closed doors – in labs or design studios…By the time our students are developing an interest for these innovations, our businesses are on to the next big thing. This disconnect poses a threat to the future of our workforce…today’s student who should be exposed to an entrepreneurial curriculum, provided with real life experiences…” (more)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Are curriculum changes enough to get young people hooked on languages?

The Guardian – Anna Codrea-Rado

“Curriculum changes, a new education secretary and policy reviews all spell good things for language education. But is enough being done to join up the dots?” (more)

Understanding the Impact of Small Schools of Choice

NYU Steinhardt – Staff Writer

“Over the last decade, the landscape of New York City high schools has changed dramatically…a new choice-based high school admissions system was implemented…smaller schools were purposefully designed with…high academic expectations, personalized learning environments…NYC’s small schools of choice (SSCs) have had a positive impact on students’ prospects for graduation…” (more)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Many Districts Lagging on Implementing Common Core, Survey Finds

Education Week – Catherine Gewertz

“With springtime testing for the common core only months away, nearly a third of district superintendents are still scrambling to put in place the curriculum and professional development necessary to teach the standards, according to survey results released Wednesday.” (more)