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Bullying has an impact that lasts years. I know – I’ve been a victim

The Guardian – Anita Sethi

“A scene that often replays in my mind is being 13 years old, curled up in the foetal position on the floor and being kicked in the ribs. I’m screaming but then my voice catches and becomes a silence that sticks as a lump in the throat that stays there for years. Bullying – which can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal – can steal a lot, including our confidence and self-esteem. It can also steal language, the ability to express what we have experienced.” (more)

Bullying: Children point finger at adults

BBC – Hannah Richardson

“Children want adults to show each other more respect, with four out of 10 (41%) seeing grown-ups bullying each other in the past six months, a survey says. Research among 1,001 children aged 11 to 16 by the Anti-Bullying Alliance suggests worrying numbers of children see adults setting a bad example.” (more)

Research evidence on bullying prevention at odds with what schools are doing

The Hechinger Report – Jill Barshay

“There’s a whole cottage industry of consultants selling anti-bullying programs to schools but academic researchers say there is no proof they work. There are some small studies with positive results. But when reputable researchers study efforts to expand these strategies across schools among many students and compare bullying rates with those at schools that didn’t receive the intervention, there tends not to be a difference. For example, this 2007 review of anti-bullying programs found “little discernible effect on youth participants.”” (more)

Building a Supportive Classroom Community in Early Childhood

Edutopia – Amanda Armstrong

“As an educator and researcher who specializes in early childhood and also works with older grade levels, I’ve used National Bullying Prevention Month to reflect on ways bullying progresses as children age. I’ve been wondering what can be done in early childhood to prevent bullying in later grades.” (more)

4 lesson plans on cyberbullying

E-School News – Bronwyn Harris

“Cyberbullying is a concern for parents, students, and teachers alike. Once kids go online, the chances that they’ll encounter mean behavior are quite high. In Common Sense’s 2018 study Social Media, Social Life, more than 1 in 10 teen social media users (13 percent) reported having “ever” been cyberbullied, and nearly two-thirds (64 percent) “often” or “sometimes” reported coming across racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious-based hate content in social media.” (more)

Tips & resources to prevent cyberbullying

E-School News – Eisha Buch

“Each act of cyberbullying hurts students, disrupts classrooms, and affects your school’s culture and community. So how should you handle it? What should you do or say? And what can you do today that will help your students recognize, respond to, and avoid online bullying?” (more)